Saturday, June 7, 2008

May 23 and June 7, 2008

Blog June 7, 2008

Dear friends,

I am sorry to be so out of touch but appreciate the huge support I feel from so many of you. My recovery continues to be gradual as the chemo on top of the surgery was harder on me than previous times. However, there is no doubt that I am getting better and finding my way back into my energy. Elizabeth Whalley, my college roommate and lifelong friend has been here from California this week helping and encouraging me.

Today, my daughter, Louise, and her family are here from Philadelphia and give me a chance to delight in my older set of grandchildren and catch up on their lives.

I have been to the Institute twice, once for the profound and inspiring lecture given by Faeq Biria on Svadhyaya, self-study, and also for the last session of this year’s teacher training class. Of course I am looking forward to getting to regular participation and teaching as time goes by.

My birthday was filled with well wishes, flowers, and family. James organized a time for those at the Institute to send me a montage of taped greetings topped off by a wonderful guitar solo by Lara Warren’s husband, Raphael. James is here for me always as the great and constant friend he is--keeping my spirits up, gently reminding me to rest and be patient, shopping and helping in all ways.

My doctor and I have a schedule for the upcoming treatments which will allow me to go to Feathered Pipe Ranch if I am feeling up to it. The carrot of that trip is coaxing me onward and upward and I am visualizing being on a plane after the Fourth of July as well as being in Greenwich and at the Institute before that.

Greetings, much love, and many, many thanks for all your greetings and love, outwardly and inwardly expressed.

Blog 5/23/08

Dear friends,

My first chemo after surgery went without a hitch on Wednesday. My daughter, Elizabeth, was with me. We had a good visit and I felt the protection of her care. My former husband, Roger, provided great comfort over the previous weekend of real convalescing. My daughter, Louise has been in close touch and has come from Philadelphia to be with me too.

Yesterday, I can really report that I felt more myself throughout the day, and today too. In illness, the sense of who I am seems to retreat and coalesce in a central part. Those around me reach into me to nurture and help in every practical, emotional, and spiritual way. I ask for help in so many ways and shed the independent being I am used to and let the truth and reality of our interdependence manifest.

I feel blessings said and unsaid, chanted and unsung, written and thought. Thank you all.

According to all predictions, the sun is out for upcoming days, and my treasured walks can resume with new enthusiasm. Chris Saudek is with me for the weekend, and we will enjoy things on all fronts and maybe even tackle the top of the jobs…. i.e. paperwork… that have very literally piled up. Anyway we are having fine talks, naps, walks and we even went out to dinner! As long as I pace myself, I can do a little more each day.

Much love to you all. Know that, although those around me caution me to not go too fast, my thoughts are that it will not be long before I am back at the Institute, my second home, enjoying the fruition of that dream. And I look forward to spending some time with each of my daughters, their mighty fine spouses and those four grandchildren I am crazy about.

With love,