Sunday, May 18, 2008

May 18, 2008

Dear Friends,

After getting home on Thursday, I am making progress and regaining strength. I have resumed my walks to Central Park, each outing getting easier although the pleasure factor was right up to the top of the scale from the first one! Walking alternates with quiet times and, since it no longer hurts to laugh out loud, I am doing some of that as well.

Friends are cooking for me, helping me and aiding the healing from the surgery.

Next week I will resume chemo with the intent of pushing back this eruption and finding an agent to sustain the progress we make.

Yesterday the lilt of breezes created an ever present awareness of the atmosphere. We practice watching our breath -- yesterday made me watch the breath of the earth. And the simple pleasure of sitting in the sun took me to the core of what makes possible all incredible existence.

A group chanted at the Institute, and I know prayers, meditations, and thoughts are with me from all directions. I am grateful for all this and every moment.

With love,

Monday, May 12, 2008

Blog May 12, 2008

May 12th is my dad’s birthday. I have been thinking of him so much with appreciation and love. He gave me and all he touched so much in such a gentle way. Any of you who have seen a wry grin appears on my face can trace it directly to him. And he too appreciated the humor of his own vision. Any of you who have seen me identify a plant or an animal behavior should know I learned it at his knee. Any of you who have seen me not rise to the bait know that I learned emotional vegetarianism by living with him….

The spring has been gorgeous and beautifully spread out so each flowering beauty and leafing has its own time.

I am almost a week post surgery, and the week has been a hard one. The good thing about a hard time is there can be some downhill after. There is a gradual improvement of bodily functions, but it’s a bumpy, gassy, road.

The spring has been gorgeous and beautifully spread out so each flowering beauty and leafing has its own time.

I will probably go home midweek and start chemo again the following week. My doctors and all my friends are working with me towards coming to a state of poise-- holding this aggressive cancer in check so that I can do the work I love and be with the family and friends I cherish.


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Blog May 8, 2008

Operation over!

Recovery a little prolonged. The bowel is fixed and will be useable in a few days. No food or water for what seems like a long time. But those liquids and good nutrition will be ever so welcome when they come.

I have lots of support here and the right combination of being by myself so I can rest and some family coming by so I can hear the news.

Next Wednesday seem like a probable day for release and I feel I will be ready for it. I am already sitting up and going for laps around the floor.

Much love and thanks for all the prayers and thoughts coming from you, my wonderful friends.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Blog May 6, 2008

Dear ones,

After a period of feeling on top of the world, several weeks ago I began having worrisome symptoms. I went back into treatment and then had an episode that took me back into Sloan last Thursday night with a small bowel obstruction. Conservative treatment didn’t solve the problem and I am slated for a small surgery later this afternoon. My daughters will be here with me and I am completely at peace with this decision and an in good hands.

I expect to have a quick recovery and be home and up and about soon.

I know there are lots of bumps like this in the road ahead. Thank you for staying with me on it.

With love and appreciation for the hands that reach out to me from all directions,