Saturday, June 30, 2007

It is true what they say about hospitals!

Just when i'm drifting towards a blissful nap they come in peeking and marching according to thier rank, with questions or expectations. I am the receipiant of both the porcupine and midtown tubal gridlock award. However off to saltines, toast, full spectrum juices and beyond. I will probably be here in this other worldly existance thru Tuesday best guest and then move for a week to Philadelpia to be under the kind care of daughter Loiuse and son in law doctor Scott and then back to New York.(Sometime in Scarsdale with daughter Elizabeth and family and sometimes in Manhattan)

All this blogging has been a marvilous outlet for me, but I plan now to settle into a more stately place with communications, so i will indeed check your messages, which are carrying me aloft , giving me love and laughs, but my blogging will be less frequent .... not to worry.
It is surprizing how in such a state each moment takes up it's time and the days are full. As I morph back into my healthly self I am responding. Right now I have to let go of my habit of picking up the phone and instead respond to the direction of my eyelids and eardrums drawing me inwards to a place of rest

I'm not the first to observe that all the worlds a stage and staging is our human artifice for making things make sense.

Right now we are seriously talking about having the first treatment here in the hospital before i leave.
excepted results....
less bloating and less air.... feeling better


Friday, June 29, 2007

It's not true what they say about hospitals

Another great uninterrupted night of sleep.
Two good walks yesterday.
One one lap.
One two laps.
Walking in Tadasana meant a whole new component and lease on life.
Blogging in Supta Baddha Konasana is the way to go.
All efforts today about peri- STALL-sis.
(The menu actually looks good)
I'm going to be here at least til Monday so I want to take advantage of the food.
The doctors are on to me and on my case!

Feeling good vibes.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Morning is bright and promising. I'm resting fairly comfortably, moving fairly uncomfortably. It seems like a fair trade.
Today the real walking and sitting up begins. Yesterday just baby steps in that direction, although I got up twice. Everything moving towards that all important renewing of peristalsis. There has to be an exit strategy before we get on to food.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sitting UP

I am sitting here with James and Louise, in some version of dandasana.

I have talked to the surgeon and am dealing with peritoneal cancer. He removed what he could and said that the rest of the metastases will respond well to chemotherapy.

After I am released from the hospital, I will do some R and R with Louise in Philadelphia.

Then back to 73rd St and on to chemo.

I love reading the cheers and cheer to the reads.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Just Out

Dear Friends,

Mary has just come out of the surgery at Sloan Kettering.

Her daughters are with her and they are waiting to hear from the oncologist as to the findings and the next steps.

Will keep you posted.

This picture was taken at the Yogathon June 3, 2007 where we celebrated Mary's birthday.
Her radiant smile and glowing presence leaps right out through the screen, right?


I had a good conference with my surgeon yesterday. We talked about the various ways the surgery could go and the facts that they had much they could do and needed me and my immune system to do the job.

I am working on that.

Sloan has a real sense of my weight and vitals... After liquids yesterday, the weight is probably down a tad.

Anyway, I feel ready for this part and in great care.

And to all of you who are holding me in your hearts, keep me there!


Sunday, June 24, 2007

June 24 BLOG ONE

I have started this blog to respond to the outpouring of love that has come to me in response to the news that I have cancer that has spread in my abdomen.

Tonight I am preparing for the surgery which I am welcoming as the first step in getting well.
Tomorrow pre-admission testing and I meet my surgeon, Nadeem Abu-Rustum, face to face.
I have talked to him and had a really good feeling about us being a marvelous team. And when I mention his name, I get smiles and good vibes back.

I am also reading Bernie Siegel's Love, Medicine and Miracles and learning about his experiences. I will investigate the Simingtons and their work when I have time in recovery.

Anyway, the stay at Memorial Sloan Kettering will be at least four days after the surgery on Tuesday. So far the the doctor has identified the cancer as female, but has not given more specifics or a site of origin. I will know more tomorrow, maybe, but probably not be blogging for a few days after--mostly fogging.

Now that I am on to this blogging, you can be sure I will be back with news of things getting better.

In the meantime, I feel supported and loved to an enormous degree. When my girls were growing up, we used to stretch our arms out to the last fingertip to say how much we could love each other. Now so many are doing that for me. I guess looking back, this gesture predetermined my career.