Monday, September 24, 2007

September 24, 2007

Dear Friends,

I am writing to catch you up with good news! I am feeling well and recent tests have shown numbers and results all going in the right direction!

My chemo schedule will go through the end of October when we will again evaluate treatment. Currently, I am learning more about nutrition and its many ways of supporting my fight. I continue to take courage and support from all aspects of my yoga practice. On principle and in fact I am practicing not rushing or taking on too much and making time for fun. (It can be a big help to state goals to others.)

My daughter, Elizabeth, and her husband are having their second child next week! Being part of this wonderful event and new life is at the top of my priorities.

Sweet temperatures are reminding me of summer, but fall is turning up at the tips of the leaves.

You are in my thoughts and meditation as I am so grateful to be in yours.


claudia said...

hi Mary!
this is really are very good news!!!!
l'm very happy ,very happy!
sand you much love from venice

Maureen said...

YIPPEEEEEE!! YAHOOOOO!! Awesome news.....Go Mary Go!!

Lots of Love, Maureen

Norma Colón said...

Hi Mary,
I'm so glad to hear all your good news! Thanks so much for sharing all with us all. It is also very good to see you at the institute more or less regularly. I was sorry to have to miss your class last week, but was just too tired from the wonderful workshops with Roger Cole.

I'm learning a lot from your learning, so thanks for sharing with us. Maybe a "nutritional support" class for those of us with debilitating conditions can come out of your learning???? a fundraiser???
Anything I can do.... I remain at your disposal.
all love,

Jeff L. said...

Hi Mary,
What great news!! And having another grandchild!! I know what an incredible feeling that is.

Seeing you back at the Institute now and again brings a deep sense of peace to me.
Jeff L.

Dana Olson said...

Hi Mary!
What wonderful news!!!!!!!

I'm sure you must have heard about our often sung refrain at FPR this year: "Go go go
Go gomukhasana"
sung to the tune of the old Beach Boys song "Barbara Ann"...Well, I now find myself singing:
"Go go go
Go chemotherapy"!!!!!

You are never far from my thoughts!

Kathy Jo said...

Oh Mary,
your great big good happy news feels me with warmth to the tips of my toes.
I was just in New York (the week the Institute was closed during the day, so didn't make it over there) and as I walked through Central Park and heard the birds sing my thoughts were of you.
For you, new beginnings; for me, a new year. La shana tovah.
Kathy Jo

Ellen K said...

Dear Mary,

I'm very excited by your truly wonderful news.

All the best.

With lots of love,

Dana Densmore said...

Dear Mary, I have been following your progress through this blog since July at the Gavilan yoga retreat when Rebecca let me know about this dismaying turn in your life. You have been always in my thoughts and I have made a regular spiritual practice of surrounding you in healing energy and take opportunities also of offering traditional healing prayers with a minyan. It has been very sweet, and inspiring, to share your process and your thoughts. Many dimensions of your beautiful being are unfolding through this. Thank you for sharing your process; you teach us all on so many levels. Bill joins me in sending much love. Dana Densmore

Karen said...

Dear Mary,

Thanks for sharing the good news. I am smiling ear to ear!

So often, when teaching something that I learned from you, the students' faces will light up wih understanding. Someone says "That really helps!" And I say "I learned that from my teacher Mary." The good work you do ripples on and on. I think of you so often both while teaching and practicing. I appreciate all you have given me so much.

May the healing continue with ease and joy!

Karen A.

Brooke Haggerty (Cottle) said...

Dear Mary,
Although I am a latecomer onto the news of your recent journey and blog, I have, nonetheless, long been influenced by your life spark! Your spark, Mary, crosses boundaries, not only spreading the dance of joy into every Iyengar class that is known in the US and probably abroad, but also your spark is forever threaded into anyone who has ever met you. You’re delightful energy whispers a formidable power. You can consider me one who holds the space for your continued healing.

My name is Brooke Haggerty (now Cottle), visionary artist, and from the CT crew. However, about a year ago I moved to Maryland. My husband, though doing really well now, went through Hodgkin’s a few years back. Although life led me away at that time in my life from what, I call, my precious Marys’ classes (Dunn and Sinclair), I feel that what I was able to pass along to my non-yoga man helped his system to become the healing mechanism it is meant to be. Kudos to him, and now you, for surrendering to it all! I never got the chance to thank-you. So thank-you! and if you talk with Mary Sinclair, thank her too!

Cancer led us on a path, to see on a deeper level the gifts of adversity, to live a more focused life but also, in the long run, a more enjoyable life. We did things that we probably would have never done. Rich is an avid sailor and captain and we took six weeks to deliver a boat from FL to CT six months after he finished his treatment. We threw caution to the wind, for sure, as we are not exactly retired or well off, but it led us to this place in Maryland on a river and we love it. Everyone’s prayers really helped!!!!

I’ve been back in the yoga saddle again since January, happy to report. Last night I dropped in on a class that is not the normal one I take. (it took a while to find Iyengar ‘round dese pahts but found Eric Reid and now Jenny Otto). Anyway, here I was thinking I was out of the yoga loop and then last night I felt as if I could have been on Greenwich Avenue again, Wednesday mid-day. When Jenny said she was dedicating the class to you and why, well, although one would normally react with surprise and sorrow, ironically, as soon as I heard your name, an overwhelming wave ran through my entire being. It was all LIGHT. So, may you keep basking in all you need!!!!!!

All my best,
Brooke Haggerty (Cottle)
Severna Park, MD

judith said...

hi mary,
years ago you taught a class in edmonton, alberta. i was very green to iyengar yoga then. again, i met you briefly at the women's intensive. you touched my life again in pune when i met hugh, one of your n.y. students. in 2003-4 i went thru breast cancer treatments. i don't think that itself is another 'lite' association but nevertheless, i found myself thinking of you often, especially during my practice, over this summer.

i heard recently from a friend who knows you well, that the treatment news is very good and that you are very well in the best and larger sense of the term.

you'll continue to be in my heart here, way up north.


anna and art said...

dearest mary, such good news, so happy for you and the baby that's coming! am looking forward to seeing you, and iyinyc.

xo anna

Joel Norvell said...


Glad to hear things are going well for you! I look forward to the day we can get back to workshops in Isla Mujeres and at Feathered Pipe. I'm ready when you are!



maria c said...

NY, NY! The big apple has it all, the institute of NY, the wonderful teachers around and the greatest teacher in the world!
I want to be in NY too, and have the pleasure to see you, hear you and be receptive to your deep teaching and connect closely to your inspiring inner voice, your bright, sharp, compassionate, friendly soul. However, that is so powerful that certainly reaches all of us wherever we are. So, something from you is coming this way, and you are always around. It's magically beautiful!

It's excellent to hear all the good news about the chemo, and as somebody said, go, go, chemo a blink will be at the end of Oct. Enjoy this month and the temperatures and colors of the autumn.
Another exciting news is the arrival of a new member of the family. Congrats! That is something to look forward and reconnect with the true yoga, as kids are great teachers for us. It's so peaceful to watch them and breath with them as well. Enjoy your grandmother role :).

Take it easy, rush less and enjoy deeply the moment seems the right recipe. I tell myself that as well, since it's quite easy to overdue, but I am slowly learning to enjoy doing less. Quality is much more important and interesting that quantity, but them we (well..I) have to practice it!

Hope the recovering gets better and better, and your teaching with you too can travel to visit us on the other side of NY.
When time comes, CA will be ready with open arms and loving hearts to receive the whole and holiness of you Dearest Mary!

I looooove you!

Aum Shanti Shanti Shantiiii.

maria :)

Leslie said...

Hello, Dear Mary,
What an encouraging Blog! By now your granddaughter is born (congratulations to you and you family!) and you underwent another round of chemoblast. And I hope you are feeling good today.
While listening to my Sanskrit tapes, the word: SUHRD came up. It is a word for "friend".
"SU" takes up six and a half pages in my Sanskrit-English dictionary. Of course, we know it in words like "sukham" and "sukhasana". "SU" = "well, good, excellent".
"HRDAYA" is a word for "heart".
Friend=Good heart.
The dictionary further defines "SUHRD" as: "having a kind heart, cordial, friendly, loving, affectionate".
While learning to decline this noun, I kept on hearing your voice as you address us in class as "Friends!"
"Oh, Friends" = "HE,SUHRDAH!"
Looking forward to seeing you next week, beloved suhrt.
From your suhrdah, Leslie

Margie Rosenblum said...

Dear Mary,

I join the chorus of happy voices at the good news of your progress. Today Anna Delury taught a wonderful workshop. I am so thrilled to hear she is going to see you soon and send you my love and best wishes.


Mike Allen said...

Hi Mary,
Congratulations Grandma!! What a special gift and great name. My daughter is Rebecca also. If you come to Sf again please let us know we would love to see you. Hopefully you can join the festivities at the Reddings. I promise to protect you from any sacrifices he has up his sleeve.
I think of you often and send constant positive thoughts.
Mike Allen

Jeff H said...
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