Monday, October 8, 2007

October 8 2007

Dear Friends,

Last Wednesday, the 3rd October, our family welcomed Rebecca Katherine to the world! She joins Bryan, Sammi, and Matthew as part of a new generation. Rebecca is sleeping and eating well and using soul-filled eyes to check out all who hold her. She came in at 7 pounds, 5 ounces, 29 ½ inches, and lots of hair! Mother, father, big brother, relatives and friends are all celebrating the homecoming!

A part of the preciousness of new life is that it continues the threads that go back to the very beginnings of all of life- a time hard to conceptualize. The innocence of a new life brings us face to face with why we cultivate profound respect for all living beings as they have come to cover the earth and the very earth which nourishes us.

Each walk I take, practice I have, and class I teach makes it evident to me that I need to keep learning and why it is a gift to have this time in which to learn. What is under the surface comes to a reality I can see it more clearly. Being able to put it into words helps me know it better. Meditating on what I am learning helps me integrate the knowledge and accept the truths within which we all live.

The Fall for Dance festival, the summery October days, and the dance of life are all reasons to know and celebrate life’s moments.

Love and lightness to all of you,


mary pace said...

Dear Mary,
I visit your blog daily and have waited for news of your grandchild. Each newborn is truly a reminder of our need for each other throughout each stage of our lives. I am so happy for you and family. A smile comes to me each time I imagine you holding her and also each time I see you on the IYNY class schedule!
Much love,
Mary Pace

Simone said...

Mary, what a beautiful surprise to meet you in the street today - each of us walking in out-of-the-ordinary directions! Wonderful to connect briefly, to see you looking so radiant, and now to have news of your new grand daughter. Yes, children are hard work, but as you know so well, for every tough moment there are soo many more filled with love and delight. Nass fell asleep this evening listening intently to the far-off thunder, and said "the raindrops are coming.." May the air be sweeter in the morning! I will pass on your blog to my mother in new zealand. Facing her own next steps, I know that she will take inspiration from it. very much love, simone. x

Bill said...

Dear Mary,
Your family grows! I read this posting with gladness for all of you, and awe at where the cancer has taken you - so much in the moment. Keep the light and love coming.
Bill M.

mac maven said...

Dearest Mary:
I've been following your blog since hearing of your latest saga in August from Judith Isaacs in Blacons. It is wonderful to hear about your amazing progress. We, too, have had a new grandchild this year. Our eldest, Desiree, now has a little boy as well as her 3-year old. Our youngest, Dawn, is expecting her first in November. We have a lot of catchup to do. I don't get to NY often, but when I am next in town I will try to make connections. If you are out in AA again, give me a call. Here's a special hug for you and good vibes for your continued progress. Onward and upward!
Love, Donna Pointer xoxoxoxoxo

Jackie said...

Mary all I can say is *smile*

bonnie said...

Dearest Mary,
What joy it must be for you to have Rebecca Katherine join your family! Your wonderful grandchildren must provide a great deal of happiness for you. As always you are constantly in our thoughts and we love reading your insightful comments in your blog.
Much love,

Anonymous said...

Dear Mary,
I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love to read your lines and how much you inspire me to learn, to live to love... I am so happy to hear about the new baby in your family and all the love and delight she brings with her.
Peace and love,

Mary Beth Early said...

Dear Mary,
I am so glad for the richness in your life and in your spirit! Your appreciation of everyone and everything testifies to the depth of your practice and sets such a beautiful example to us all.
I always think that newborns remind of us of the astonishing innocence and wonder that is the only reasonable response to what lies behind the appearances of all we "know" and "see".
I'm sorry not to have been present at the Institute during your many visits and classes recently but know that in time we will meet again. Until then, I continue to send you love and healing thoughts.
Mary Beth

maria c said...

Dearest Mary, Grand Mary, Grandmother Mary again!! What a blessing to have a little one, natural teacher, around. Enjoy her!

I think kids are great teachers for us, and remind us of that pure soul, innocent, spontaneous, curious, simple, direct and very loving. We might not hold on to anything, however, holding on to the fresh child's mind is something I do not want to let go as well as find joy and absorption with whatever one pursues. They are pretty good on all that.

I do not have my own kids, but have been a teacher for years for lot of them from early ages till the age of 18!
I miss them. Now I do not teach them because they are great but take quite a lot of energy as well, but they could teach me a great deal!

What a good match granddaughter with grandmother, certainly it's a fact to celebrate, and celebrate for life! Congratulations to all of you for the new member in the family.

I love to read how life is moving on in the right direction for you and you have the time, as well as the energy, which you always have, and that seems inexhaustible, despite of the fact, to visit with friends, family, enjoy art, teaching and now share time with another grandchild. Isn't life wonderful?

I am excited to read your steps and feel joy moving along with you, even if I can't not be one of the lucky NY people who can see you more often and even have the luxury to take a classes from you! You are getting richer by the minute, and have so much to offer, and yes, you live your life so wisely that certainly that come through in every single step you take. I just think is a blessing to have met you and to be blessed by your powerful, positive and immensely wise and compassionate energy.

I enjoyed reading the comments from everybody in the blog, I always do, because they help me to see more of you as well :).
Thank you for being always there ready to share and give so much and continue teaching from your own and rich experiences.

Much love and pace to you too along with a warm big hug from CA!
Today the serious rain started. I am guessing we have to let go the summer :(

Maureen said...

Hi Mary...Congratulations on your newest family member! It's so exciting when a baby is born as it allows us to see anew how very precious life really is. Thanks so much for these continued teachings.

Love and peace to you, Maureen

anne said...

Dear Mary,
So happy to hear about Rebecca Katherine. What two lovely names! How will you choose which one to call her! Give our best wishes to Eliz. and David.
We're finally getting some Fall-like weather here in BR, even to the point of turning on the heat in the house. With the terribly dry summer a colorful season of leaves is not likely, but who knows.
It's exciting to hear that you are doing some teaching. Surely wish I were close enough to attend your classes. I recently realized how tight and stiff I am, and with each passing year/month I'll not improve unless I work at it.
So happy to hear that your numbers are moving in the right direction. Medicine and the ability of the body to rebuild are amazing partners in the healing process.
All of us here send you our sincerest love. The prayer wheels are spinning for you.

Tamar Kelly said...

There is nothing like a Fresh Baby - I agree!

Jeff H said...

Dear Mary,

Congratulations to you and your family on its newest addition. There's nothing like a baby's presence to remind us of the real age of innocence. Such beautiful names, too; I've never met a Rebecca I didn't like.

I'm so glad to see the continued stream of good news in your writing and hope, as you near the end of chemo treatment, that you bloom with health and vitality (as only our much loved Mary can).

Surrounded by mounds of boxes while finishing a pot of tea, and overlooking denuded book cases, I'm waiting for movers to arrive. Today I move from a contemporary loft in Chicago's museum park area to a vintage flat on the north side and am looking forward to the warmth of real wood and plaster.

I look forward to more news of your progress and to (fingers and toes crossed) seeing you in Mexico. Until then I'll imagine your radiant smile and smile myself.

Sending love from flyover territory,


larry lerner said...

Mary, I am so glad that you are doing well. I would love to see you again in NYC. As always, Namaste, Larry.

frances said...

Dear Mary

Karan and I are moving to Thanksgiving. We will have our children and grandchildren here. What sweetness. I rejoice in your
continued progress. No surprise!
We look forward to knowing you are teaching again so we can join you

much love, frances and karan from cleveland (we did the mexico w/shops with you and Dean)