Friday, December 28, 2007

Dec 28, 2007

It is time of the year to be grateful and forward looking. I am both--in full measure.

The tests following my first course of treatment show steady, good progress. My doctors and I have decided that the next step will be another surgery which will happen on January 4th. I look forward to a recovery made easier because I feel strong and healthy and have good systems in place for that time.

Elizabeth Whalley has been here with me for Christmas, something she has been doing since my daughter, Louise, was two. We celebrated with both of my daughters and their families. Friends, two wonderful families with four grandchildren make for the best presence.

No snow here, but lots of holiday flurries. I had a special day with Bryan, Louise and Scot’s son aged 13, at Cirque du Soleil, followed by lunch at Michael Jordan's, embellished by the music and light show at Grand Central. Christmas eve we had a great feast and lots of fun, and then presents and glee for all, especially Matthew aged three, on Christmas morn.

Elizabeth and I got in Cyrano de Bergerac with Kevin Kline and The Bucket List too. We did the Met and the Whitney in one day and the next The New Contemporary Museum sandwiched between my two classes. Wow!

We reflect on the year at this time, and it has been a big one, with both big challenges and great joy. There was a celebration at the Institute of the Iyengar Yoga Association of New York’s coming of age. As part of the festivities, I was honored to learn that, among other things, I was “the champion of stiff people.” In the spirit of the year’s end, I want to enlarge my championing-- and will work on that in the coming year.

So many gifts from you are in my heart, so many of you have wished me well and prayed and meditated for me. So many of you have written or called and given me such smiles. The richness of this year is one of friendships and learning and connecting. I have music to listen to, poetry to read, and the warmth of your hugs and words and well wishes to take forward.

Wishing you your dreams!


Chris Buck said...

My dream is for you to come back from that surgery FAST so that you can teach me more yoga. I learned so much in two sessions as your pupil and I need more. Teacher, a smooth and speedy recovery for you. I'm praying and waiting. Thinking of you,
Chris Buck (the one who took classes with Gloria in S.D.)

Ninap said...


Happy New Year from the west coast! I continue to pray for you and look forward to when I can learn from you again.
Love, Nina

Karen said...

Happy New Year, Dear Mary!

For our New Year Day class, we will repose in tree pose and sashay into ardha chandrasana as we focus on sending you our loving thoughts for a speedy recovery from your upcoming surgery.

You sound happy and strong and surrounded by loving family and friends -- it is so nice to "hear" your voice in your blogs!

Karen HC

Kim said...

Happy New Year Mary,

You are always in my thoughts...

Much love to you and yours,



claudia said...

happy new year from venice!!!!!!
l wish you a speddy and light recovery! and
l wish you ,all the most beautiful thinghs for the rest of this year

Lisa said...

Dear Mary,
All possible best wishes for good health in the new year & especially for excellent results from your upcoming surgery.
Much Love from Lisa

Suza Francina said...

Happy New Year Dear Beautiful Mary!

I love reading your blog, and seeing your radiant smile. I send you a warm healing yoga hug from the beautiful Ojai Valley and best wishes for your recovery after your surgery.

Suza (the one whose heel you held down for three weeks in Parivritta Trikonasana at the San Francisco Institute in 1976...)

Kathy Jo said...

I'm holding you warm in my heart as we enter this new year, and looking forward to greeting your smiling face and agile spirit in Montana this summer.
Kathy Jo

Jay said...

A grateful joy to see your posting. You carry with you such a warm heavy blanket of support and well-wishes globally, as you approach surgery number two.
With loving thoughts and winter warmth from Los Angeles,

Janna Peterson said...

Dear Mary: Happy 2008! Just returned from visiting mom in Del Mar, CA. We had a nice time (doing lots of yoga - what else!). Everyone I met up with in the North County yoga classes asked how you are doing, and send their best regards.

My mom is well - she still practices 2 min. full arm balances and forearm balances against the wall, and daily chair shoulder stand with all the bells and whistles (Niralamba Sarvangasana!).

I'll let her know about your surgery.

My prayers on your speedy recovery.

Blessings, light, love, and peace,

Janna (AKA Joann)

Jeff L. said...

Our thoughts are with as always.
Speedy recovery.
The Long Island group

Abby Gross said...

May all go well and herald your speedy recovery and return. Much love, Abby

maryp said...

Dear Mary,
Love and blessings for a smooth recovery. I will follow this blog for your news and your musings. We will miss you and your teaching , but know that you will be with us as soon as possible. Take good care.
Mary Pace

Jenny said...

Mary, Speedy recovery from your surgery. My love is following you. Jenny Leavens

Naghmeh said...

deary Mary,
with hugs and love from Pune; you are in our middle chest region, to quote Geetaji, and we will lift and open that region in prayers for you today, the 4th of jan and every day after that too!
love and light,

Barbara Nicol said...

Dear Mary,

Good to hear from you... Happy New Year....

I hope that the surgery went well today.

I am thinking of you, will pray for you and will call you in a few weeks.

Barbara Nicol

sandi said...


Our thoughts and hearts are with you always! We join in the flow of infinite love and hope focusing on your recovery.

Glenn and Sandi

Jenny Otto said...

Dear Mary, you are in my thoughts, meditations and heart. I look forward to takeing a class with you again.
Love, Jenny