Tuesday, November 20, 2007

November 20, 2007

Thanksgiving stops us to appreciate our bounty, to lovingly prepare and sit together, to celebrate tradition and to innovate. Mine will be spent with my family and two of my four grandchildren. I look forward to making the cranberries, pies (apple with a hint of cardamom and pumpkin, traditional) and vegetables. I look forward to playing long games of train with Matthew, just turned three, holding and rocking Rebecca, six weeks, and free-wheeling conversation with all the adults around the table.

Over the past month I have continued to have a wonderful flow of friends from near and far to fill my weekends. My weeks are taken with teaching and taking care of myself. I have also gone to Ann Arbor to see my mother, brother and sister-in-law. While in Ann Arbor I saw a thrilling University of Michigan performance of La Boheme conducted by Martin Katz, a cherished family friend. Music takes us to places we cannot otherwise go.

My first phase of treatment is due to end around the beginning of the new year. The second phase as currently planned will be more widely spaced and less harsh. My hair is already sprouting in anticipation… The rhythms of my life are more normal. I am looking forward to holidays, continuing my teaching in New York, my annual Feathered Pipe week with Dean Lerner in Isla Mujeres and the promise of old and new friends, sun and sea.

I am appreciating all the generosity that has come to me, reading books you have inspired, and holding dear in my head and heart all your kind thoughts, spoken and unspoken, written and unwritten.

Wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving!


mac maven said...

Your continuing progress on the road to recovery really makes this a Happy Thanksgiving.
much love from Donna in Ann Arbor

henriet said...

Dear Mary,
I am so glad you are better and able to do all that you love and enjoy doing.
The following is a bit long but wonderful comment on thanksgiving and gratefulness.
by Brother David Steindl-Rast
Gratefulness brings joy to my life. How could I find joy in what I take for granted? So I stop "taking for granted," and there is no end tothe surprises I find. A grateful attitude is a creative one, because, in the final analysis, opportunity is the the gift within the gift of every moment- the opportunity to see and hear and smell and touch and taste with pleasure...
Can our world survive without gratefulness? Whatever the answer, one thing is certain" to say an unconditional yes to the mutual belonging of all beings will make this a more joyful world. This the reason why yes is my favorite synonym for God.
With gratitude for your joy in sharing Yoga, Happy Thanksgiving.

Aileen said...

Dear Mary,
You have been on my mind so I finally took the time to catch up via your blogs. I am happy to hear that your recovery is moving forward as expected. Congratulations on your new granddaughter and the Bar Mitzvah of your grandson. I hope your holidays will be joyful and restful.
Love from Aileen in Las Vegas

Karen said...

Dear Mary,

It is great to hear your update. On this day of reflection on gratitude, I am happy to tell you again how thankful I am for your teaching, your kindness to me, and your example of bringing the teachings of yoga into daily living.

With love,
Karen Allgire

maria c said...

Hello Dear Mary

I am so happy to hear from you and to know about your step forwards. It seems life is arranging itself for you to do more of the things you like and enjoy and still continue taking good care of yourself. That's the way to go!
Its very impressive you are expanding your wings exceeding the limits of New York City not only visiting family and friends but for teaching as well. Even thought you reach us wherever you and us are, now, many more will have the chance of sharing loving time and experiences in person with you in those beautiful places, and the ocean :)! That looks promising!
With steady progress toward your total recovery, I pray for things continue going well and maybe sometime later we'll see you around SF as well. Until that time comes, I send you electronic, telepathic, virtual but not less loving hugs wishing you all the very best at every moment.

You are always in my thoughts and occupy a warm place in my heart.

Happy post-Thanksgiving and good days yet to come.
Soon, we'll have more holidays to to continue celebrating tradition, reunite with our loving ones and being thankful for prana and all we have.

Much love and warm big hug from
maria ;)!

pip108 said...

Hello Mary,
It's so encouraging to hear about your progress. Best of wishes to you for continued progress in your recovery!

Love and Blessings From San Francisco,

Paul Pisacane

specialK said...

Hello Mary. I've been fortunate enough to receive your teaching at several workshops over the years in Estes Park.

When I moved to NYC, I visited the top of the Empire State Building, walked in Central Park, and visited the Institute with the hope that I could study with you.

I was saddened to hear about your time away, but now that I've read a bit of your blog, I see that your joyful, generous spirit shines through stronger than ever!

I'm not surprised to see that you continue to teach yoga - the very essence of yoga as union and equanimity and freedom - through your blog!

You are in my thoughts. Many happy blessings to you and your family.

Sincerely yours,
a grateful student,

Roberta said...

Dear Mary,
I am a student of several Iyengar teachers in the Boston area and I read your blogs often. I just wanted to let you know that many people are sending you love and light on the east coast : )

Om shanti,

anne said...

Dear Mary,
Glad to hear of your progress with the treatment. Guess you've read about Barbara's beginning chemo last week. Margaret called with more info about her blog in that if I sign in on the guest book it will remember me and notify me when she updates her information. I know you are quite busy with your family, teaching!, and your own treatments, so I'm passing on this just FYI.
Mom has settled in back at Southminster for the next five months. She is doing well and using her walker or scooter to get around there. She's playing bridge but not as much as she would like. Daily would not be too much for her!
Would love to have seen Martin's opera. How exciting. Am not in touch with him or Dale and I know they lead very busy lives. Who doesn't anymore.
Love to you and all of your family.

Carole said...

Dear Mary,

I've been following your progress on this blog and was happy to read that the first phase of your treatment is almost over.

I'm writing to let you know how much I enjoyed your Members Class at the Institute today. Your teaching is generous and rich; I've always felt that while teaching the asanas, you are also transmitting the essence of yoga.

I wish you all the best in the coming year and hope the second phase of treatment goes as well as the first.

With gratitude and love - Carole Del Mul

Leslie said...

So glad to hear you are doing well and looking forward to the end of treatment. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Love, Leslie and Billy Shuford

Emily, Eva, Liz said...

Mary Louise -
We are thinking of you today and wish you well. All our love and a Merry Christmas. Glad to see that you are continuing to enjoy life to its fullest. Love, Louise, Joe, Emily, and Eli