Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Blog May 6, 2008

Dear ones,

After a period of feeling on top of the world, several weeks ago I began having worrisome symptoms. I went back into treatment and then had an episode that took me back into Sloan last Thursday night with a small bowel obstruction. Conservative treatment didn’t solve the problem and I am slated for a small surgery later this afternoon. My daughters will be here with me and I am completely at peace with this decision and an in good hands.

I expect to have a quick recovery and be home and up and about soon.

I know there are lots of bumps like this in the road ahead. Thank you for staying with me on it.

With love and appreciation for the hands that reach out to me from all directions,


Rebecca Kave said...

May this little bump be behind you soon.
Namaste & love,

Jay said...

You are always in my thoughts.
Sending you love and healing energy,

Mary Beth Early said...

Wishing you all success in this little jog in the road ... you are always showing us the way ... shine your light, and may the path ahead be clear!
Mary Beth

Chris Buck said...

I've been checking your blog for news since Gina didn't look so much like you on Monday night (though she taught a really good class with much about the greater and lesser trochanters) She gave us a general idea of where you were and now it's nice to read your words. I'm thinking of you and sending you love. You are a jewel.
See you real soon,
Chris Buck


Dear Mary,

Lovingly, Your Light shines on all of your students, yesterday, today and tomorrow... We can wait as long as it takes...

I wish you a speedy and comfortable recovery.

Love, Susan Turis

mary pace said...

Here, Here, to Susan's words. We gather tomorrow in Ct. with the teachers you have taught so well. You be well, Mary.

Mary P

George Purvis said...

Mary , It`s always a good time to go a righteous attack . Peritoneal Cancer , you might have picked a fight with the wrong woman and will be dealt with harshly .

Jeff H said...


Sending you reinforcements of love and encouragement, hoping you're beyond the speed bumps soon.

Jeff H

Lisa said...

Dear Mary,
All blessings to you for a speedy recovery from surgery & a re-entry into this beautiful spring.
You were so vibrant in Thursday's Gentle Class I wouldn't have dreamt that anything was wrong.
much love from your neighbor Lisa

Barbara Nicol said...


Very sorry to hear that you were back in the hospital. As yoga really is subjugation of the thought waves of the mind, that can be done anywhere, however. Seems also like a good opportunity to start eroding one's fear of death,which all of us need to work on, putting small personality at the service of awareness, loosening this false identification most of us have with "me" and "mine".Doing all this inner work, while meanwhile preparing to come back to teach us as quickly as possible....

I miss you alot on Wed.s. Still working to get my shoulders open.

Barbara N.

Judi F. said...

Dearest Mary,
We all missed you today in Greenwich, but Leslie F. and Cynthia taught us beautifully and compassionately. Our community had you in our hearts as we chanted our oms and the Invocation. Together we dedicated our practices to you. Maybe you felt the strength of our communal prayers and blessings between 8:45 and 11:45 this morning...
Your dedicated teachers north of NYC will be there for you for as long as you need us, and we will welcome you with open arms and hearts when you are ready to come back.
With love and blessings,
Judi F.

Chris Kerr said...

Dear Mary,
May the winding and bumpy road of life take you back to us quickly.
Love, Chris from L.I.

Mary said...

I googled myself and found another...I'm sorry to hear about your health problems, please believe that there will be brighter days!! Mary Dunn - South Carolina

Tobias said...

I miss you very much.

I have learned in your classes that yoga is not an "either. . .or" subject but often an "and" subject.

With that in mind i hope you take as much time for your convalescence as you need, AND that you come back to teach us very soon.


IvyWednesday said...

Dear Mary,
Your teaching is always such a strong conduit for the Divine in my life and I feel ever appreciative.

Take all the time you need for yourself to heal and bathe in all the love energy beaming to & around & through you.

I will be thrilled upon your return. Until then, your love shines through and merges with that of the yoga teachers who are teaching us in your absence.

Namaste & Love,