Sunday, May 18, 2008

May 18, 2008

Dear Friends,

After getting home on Thursday, I am making progress and regaining strength. I have resumed my walks to Central Park, each outing getting easier although the pleasure factor was right up to the top of the scale from the first one! Walking alternates with quiet times and, since it no longer hurts to laugh out loud, I am doing some of that as well.

Friends are cooking for me, helping me and aiding the healing from the surgery.

Next week I will resume chemo with the intent of pushing back this eruption and finding an agent to sustain the progress we make.

Yesterday the lilt of breezes created an ever present awareness of the atmosphere. We practice watching our breath -- yesterday made me watch the breath of the earth. And the simple pleasure of sitting in the sun took me to the core of what makes possible all incredible existence.

A group chanted at the Institute, and I know prayers, meditations, and thoughts are with me from all directions. I am grateful for all this and every moment.

With love,


Anonymous said...

DEarest Mary,
You have been ever present in my thoughts. I am pleased to hear of your walks again to Central Park. The beauty of nature is so powerful. Drink it in and allow it to aid in your healing process. Breathe with the earth and know that we are all breathing with you!!

All My Love,


Norma Colón said...

Dearest Mary,

I have caught glimpses of the wonders of this life, the beauty of the earth and its reselience, no matter how we treat it. I have marveled at and enjoyed them deeply.
Our bodies are like the earth and yours has been treated so well by you over the years and still it has its challenges. And you rise to every challenge and prevail.
You are a seasless inspiration--as a teacher, a woman, a human being! You persronify all the love directed your way.
Thank you.

with much love,

Jenny said...

Mary, I looked away from your blog for a few days while my computer was repaired and when I looked back you were already in and out of surgery and busy making sure we were all taken care of in knowing your progress. Oh how all this makes me miss you so much. I am so grateful for the continued effort you put forth to keep us all in the loop. I send you much long term love and devoted friendship. Jenny

liz Brauer said...

Hi Mary. I was intrigued by the concept of being an emotional vegetarian. We talked about it in a few yoga classes and this is what we came up with.
1) an emotional vegetarian feels good about what s/he eats.
2) An emotional vegetarian has low impact on the emotional energy swirl, just as a vegetarian has the lowest impact on the food chain.
3) An emotional vegetarian lets only healthy emotions in just as a vegetarian eats only healthy food.
We are certainly curious as to what you meant.
We send you our best energy from the AA Y and only best wishes for future health and well being.
Liz Brauer

Sandi said...

Dear Mary,

As always Glenn and I send you our love and best wishes for another speedy recovery. Your strength in the face of continual physical challenges brings us all hope. We love you and love your descriptions of all that is truly valuable in this short, but wide life.

with continual love,

Sandi and Glenn

Anonymous said...

Dear Mary,

I have enjoyed your blogs and want you to know that David, Mac, Jane, and I have you in our thoughts.

I also feel I need to tell you something. You said something to me when you visited last year that has stuck with me ever since. It was a very simple statement, but has grown to mean so much more to me then I’m sure you intended it to mean(or maybe not). All you said to me was “Don’t you ever sit down!” Even though nothing really changed at that moment, those words kept popping into my head over and over again, because I was feeling that inside. The more those word kept repeating themselves, the more they came to mean just not the physical sense of sitting down but the mental state of sitting down. So Mary I’m sitting down now (at least more then I was), both physically and mentally. Thank you for those words. We hope to see you this summer at the lake.

With much love,

Gandharva said...

dear Mary,
next july i'll be in rapolano with gabriella.
I have so many beautiful memories of yoga done with you over there...
I send you all my love.

Richard Jonas said...

Dear Mary,

Yesterday, at the beginning and the end of the Working With Chairs workshop, we all dedicated our practice to you. I asked everyone to be careful of their ears as they came out of the two-chair Sirsasana -- but if YOURS were burning, it was only because of the good things and the good wishes sent you way. We send you our love, respect and deep affection. Richard

Richard Jonas said...

Dear Mary,

Yesterday at Working With Chairs we dedicated our practice to you. I asked everyone to make sure they did not bang their ears coming out of the two-chair-supported Sirsasana, but if YOUR ears were burning, it was all the good things said about you and the good wishes sent your way. Love, Richard

Chris Buck said...

Mary Dunn,

Just came home from Gina's (your) Monday night class where I tried to do my best Urdhva Dhanurasana in honor of you who first showed me how. And now I've read your latest entry which brings relief in wanting to know how you are doing. Thank you for writing this.

It's so great that you're walking to the park during these glorious days we've been having. For weeks I've been working in a penthouse apartment near Lincoln Center with terraces on the park. For breaks I look out many times a day over the trees and sky and feel like I could burst to take in so much. I've thought of you so much lately as I look out and to know that you're down there walking again is so cool. I'll reach out my hand to you.

I'm also very glad you are able to laugh out loud again. Nothing better than seeing and hearing Mary Dunn do that.

Thank you for your inspiring words. You show us how to live, you light the way.

You're in my prayers and thoughts...that all forces you need for your healing will come with speed to you.

See you at the institute when you're better,
a sisya,
Chris Buck

Yogarosa said...

Dear Mary,
I came to NY for my nephew's graduation from Parson's this past weekend, and couldn't wait to visit the Institute bearing gifts for you. I probably shouldn't tell you this, but I had mangoes from my tree for you, which I left on my dining room table(In Florida). Sorry. I'll do better next time. In the meantime, I dedicate all my Urdhva Hastasanas to you. Blessings and love to you from Florida. Love, Rosa

Yogarosa said...

Dear Mary,
I came to NY for my nephew's graduation from Parson's this past weekend, and couldn't wait to visit the Institute bearing gifts for you. I probably shouldn't tell you this, but I had mangoes from my tree for you, which I left on my dining room table(In Florida). Sorry. I'll do better next time. In the meantime, I dedicate all my Urdhva Hastasanas to you. Blessings and love to you from Florida. Love, Rosa

Jen said...


I'm thinking of you each day. Today I found some notes from one Tuesday's classes. You mentioned that if memory can move us forward then memory is useful and beneficial.
I think of you each time I walk in the park out here in Brooklyn. A rather more wild and uncultivated park than Central Park. I think you would like it.

Barbara Nicol said...

Dear Mary,

I wonder how you are doing. You must have started chemo again this week.

It was my great privilege to be at the teachings of His Holiness the Karmapa this past weekend. I had felt quite connected when I met Him in India in 2003, and I felt the same again this time.

I also met Lama Lodu, whose autobiography is at You might want to take a look at it; he has gone through a tremendous amount of hardship. I found it quite inspiring.

I met him while he was trying to flag down a taxi. Usually Rinpoches don't do this: they have people taking care of them that manage the logistics. So I offered to help. After five minutes of having taxis drive by me as well, I offered to drive him myself wherever he was going.

So off we went , he and I and two other Tibetan monks who did not speak much English. We were driving up 8th Ave. with alot of taxi cabs (the ones that had passed us by earlier) and I was very concerned about him getting something to eat. I had Mayan berries somewhere in the backseat, but couldn't find them. Finally he said to me, "If you don't look where you are going, we will really have problems!". Often lamas are not so cheeky when they first meet you, but I just loved this -- it made me feel immediately at home with him.

Of course he was going to Queens, which I don't know well, so we got lost. I must admit it was fun, one of those kooky kind of adventures I just love: driving around God-knows-where with these three maroon-robed Tibetans. After about twenty minutes of confusion, though, and much conferring in Tibetan on the phone with the host, we finally found our way.

Anyway, this is a taste of the teachings I received this weekend: when "ordinary" reality begins to show its true nature as surreal, dreamlike...

Much, much love,

bonnie said...

Dearest Mary,
We have been reading your blog and send you our fondest thoughts and prayers as you resume your strength. Your positive spirit, strong will and philosophical outlook on life are an inspiration to us all.

With our love,
Bonnie and Don Mike

ItaliANAdiNewYork said...

Dear Mary,

Any progress you make opens our hearts a bit more. Like the way our hearts open in your classes at the 3rd Urdvha Dhanurasana when each muscle is alive and vibrating with energy. And every time I feel that energy it's dedicated to you, my beloved teacher.

May the rain, the early morning light, the longer days, the green surroundings, the birds singing, the bright colors of the flowers, and our fond love for you all bring you healing energy.


Uma said...

Dear Mary,
Love you.
Am very proud of you.
All the best!

Dalienne said...


James taught a very hard class today and said you were eating and generally feeling better. We are looking forward to your recovery and return to the studio.

Dalienne Majors

anna and art said...

and here is, again, some more love, and more , and... always


Jeff L. said...

"The qualities demanded from an aspirant are discipline, faith, tenacity and perseverance..."
pg. 57 Light on Yoga

Thank you for affirming this teaching in all of our hearts.

Jeff Logan

Margie Rosenblum said...

Dearest Mary,

You are such a beloved teacher and friend. My heart goes to you at this difficult time. You continue to teach me by your amazing example.

Love, Margie

Maggi said...

Dear Mary,

I doubt you will remember me, but I was a student of yours in the early '80's. I came to you from Mike Castaldi and I also studied with Pujari. His step brother Harry, later Aman, was a student with me. He and I are still friends and study with the same Zen teacher. He told me awhile back that you had been ill. It just occurred to me tonight that there might be information on your progress on the net, and here it is! It's great to hear the evidence of your inimitable spirit on this journey. I affirm your continued healing.

Maggi Veltre
San Diego

Jen said...

Dear Mary:

Just in my thoughts this morning as the birds chirp away. Much love going your way.


Norma Colón said...

What a pleasure it was to see you last Sunday at the institute! What a wonderful surprise, dear Mary.
I'm so glad to read the blog again, been missing you there.
I was sorry not to be able to get to be on your birthday video, but sent you an e-card. An look forward to a big celebration next year when you'll be much better and ready for it.
I'm glad you're enjoying the healing powers of our park. I love it very much too.
I send you lot of love,