Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Just Out

Dear Friends,

Mary has just come out of the surgery at Sloan Kettering.

Her daughters are with her and they are waiting to hear from the oncologist as to the findings and the next steps.

Will keep you posted.

This picture was taken at the Yogathon June 3, 2007 where we celebrated Mary's birthday.
Her radiant smile and glowing presence leaps right out through the screen, right?


Linda Hays said...

India is holding a sweat lodge ceremony here for you today Mary, our prayers are flowing to you.


Jen said...

mary, you are in my thoughts.

Jackie said...

Mary, when I was going blind seven years ago, with something "incurable," a doctor called up one day with a writing job. I was reluctant to work because his job would be such a pain, as well as technical, but his voice had a certain quality and instead of saying the no I'd intended, the word came out, "Yes."

This doc became crucial to my healing. It's not that he knew what to do exactly, but he was brilliant and receptive, and willing to have things be a work in progress. He was open to having my so-called disease not be delineated by the sharp corners of its name. One day when the problem was still completely incurable and I was going downhill fast and my vision was particularly dark, he said something which stuck with me. And that became my way in, and my way to the cure.

What he said was, "Don't see. Be seen seeing."

"Don't heal, be healed healing."
I love you, Mary, be well.

xx Jackie Austin

PS Thanks for your generosity and courage in sharing and feeling out how to proceed now with your community. You are a true teacher. Our hearts are with you. What a great smile on your photo. xxxxx

Eleanor Dreyfus said...

Dear Mary,

I remember when, as a child, I sat in a hospital waiting room surrounded by a group of gypsies who kept vigil day and night, as they awaited the recovery of their beloved queen.

So it is that the world, it seems, awaits the news on your blog, your gift to all who love you.

You are continually in my thoughts and prayers, and those of my family, to whom you mean so much. We hope that your surgery went well and that your reports are good. We wish you a comfortable and speedy recovery.

With love,

Eleanor and Eric

maueron said...


May all of the light, love, and healing you'v given to us come back to you. Thinking of you and wishing you comfort and peace.

Elisa Aueron

Mary Reilly said...

You have been in my thoughts and prayers constantly.
On a recent hot day I was knee deep in Lake Michigan, which was as usual freezing cold, and I thought of you and dove in. I send you light and love and whatever it is that says yes and dives in.

Peace and Strength,

Mary Reilly

deb wallach said...

Mary - Just came back from a trip and heard your news. As you know, I have had my own encounter with cancer recently and so, with an understanding heart, I send you love and support.


Nancy Mildren,Corvallis Oregon said...

Dearest Mary,
I was signed up to study with you at Julie Lawrence's and at Feather Pipe this summer and it made me feel like the most blessed woman in the whole world...enthusiasm means "Full of God" and your enthusiasm for the ancient art of yoga is so beautiful and inspiring to so many of us on the path. I was telling my students yesterday how much you inspire me to lift my heart center...that the beauty and wisdom of each of our hearts gets to play its best music when we are inspired to lift our heart centers. God is so Full in you, you've blossomed to be a sublime conductor helping the orchestra to tune our instruments. You work hard serving God serving the community. One of my special bonds with you was being in your teacher's group in Ann Arbor in 93 with Guruji and going through the same restorative sequence together each afternoon. The last two days there was a loveliness of hearing the OM's resonating through the hallways and going through the sequence in the Golden Silence together. You have all my best of my heart through this, with my deepest gratitude for your speedy recovery. Rest well in the arms of Divine Love. Nancy

Dalia said...

Dear Mary,
Thanks so much for the updates. I forward love and regards.
Looking forward to see and talk with you soon.

Dalia said...
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Lisa said...
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Simone said...

dearest mary, how inspirational you are, as you face this hurdle with your inimitable blend of grace, insight, optimism and unfailing generosity.
What an incredible tide of love there is to lift you up and over!
We add ours too.
kia kaha (be strong)
Simone, Barret and Nass

Lisa said...

Mary, Please know that your community in Madison, Wisconsin sends prayers for healing.

Ellen K said...

Dear Mary,

You are in my thoughts and prayers for a comfortable and speedy recovery.

Ellen K

Victoria Austin said...

As you exit the surgery arena
And re-enter consciousness,

May the awakeness, precision and compassion of many lives -- surgeon, helpers, family, and all beings --

Nourish each cell
Throughout body and mind
And fully support your abundant health.


Elise MILLER said...

Dear Mary,
You have been in my thoughts since last week. I had the priviledge to teach Asana III last weekend at IYISF. I said to the class that though I could never be you, I at least had short hair and wear the same shoes you wear, the MBT's!
This past weekend my son was married in Carmel and it was a glorious wedding with perfect weather. God was shining his light on us. I am sending you light and blessings as you have brought so much light into all of our lives.
All my love,

Barbara Nicol said...

Dear Mary,

Thank you for getting my checkbook back to me in the midst of everything. Thank also the person in Waccabuc who sent it.

I spent a good deal of time thinking about you today; in fact I was thinking of you when I parked my car
and spent some time looking for it in the Costco parking lot afterwards. However, while roaming around I looked down and discovered a pendant, a piece of costume jewelry someone had lost. It was in the shape of a heart with its outline made by diamonds. I connected it with you somehow.

You have the ability to spot me with such a loving, reassuring touch that it opens my heart and brings tears to my eyes. It's like laying on of hands disguised as spotting. I have often experienced this when I am late to your class.
You seem to appear by my side and rest a reassuring hand on me, welcoming me and telling me it's ok now, I've made it to the class. I can release the battle with the traffic, and other obstacles, and begin to sink back into
the peace within.

If I were able, I would like to do the same for you today, the day after your surgery, to rest a reassuring hand on your shoulders letting you know that you're ok now, and that you can go in peace on this journey and rest in the universal love and compassion that enfolds us all.

I will ask my teacher Ammachi to pray for you.

Many thanks and much love,

Michael said...

I was shocked and saddened when I heard about your illness. How generous of you to have this blog and give us a way of dealing with our anxiety and our desire to reach out to you. I think of what you are facing, with such bravery and I am sending all the healing energy I can.

Michael Davis

Yvonne said...

Dear Mary
It is Wednesday morning now and I am hoping that you are comfortable and that your surgery went well.
With love and support, always

Jennie W said...

Dear Mary,

There are no words to express the thanks for all that you have done for all your students. Though my studentship with you amounts to only 8 days in Italy, you secured a warm spot in my heart with your humor and enthusiasm for teaching. I send blessings and prayers for healing!!

Love and Light, Jen

naghmeh said...

dear Mary, may this day bring all the Healing in the world to you. you are in my heart, every day.
love and blessings, naghmeh

Maythesewords said...

May the loving embrace of this loving community you have created be a felt presence as you heal. You are so precious to us.

Maythesewords said...

May the embrace of the loving community you have created be a felt presence as you heal.

Kate Roth said...

Dearest Teacher,
You have enriched our lives immeasurably. Just to be in the same room with you makes us joyful -- to have our eyes upon you, and to hear your voice. You refresh us, and delight. (Who but you would christen uttanasana "the hanging begonia pose"? Beaming your blue flower eyes at our class as you said it!)
We hold you now in our hearts -- we who can never repay what you have given us. Rest and recover, dearest Mary. You are surrounded by the love and devotion of your students. With deep gratitude,
Laura Odell and Kate Roth

Stephen Rapp said...
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Ruth Ann Bradley said...

Mary,you are on my mind and in my heart. I wish for you a speedy recovery and much comfort.

With love,
Ruth Ann

Stephen Rapp said...


Many thanks for creating this way of staying in touch for all those whose lives you've touched and who want to outstretch our hands to you. The Music of Spheres surrounds you with love, healing and strength.


Ellen said...

Dear Mary,

Wednesday afternoon in Vienna (Yvonne's morning!), just home from a beautiful bikeride along the Danube, thinking of you as I pedalled.
I hope you're resting easily and comfortably today. Just wanted to send more love, Ellen

Mary Beth Early said...

Inhaling deeply, exhaling longer, inhaling deeply again, there you were - perched on my shoulder all through my swim and mini aqua-asana practice. You have over and over taught us by coaching and by example to lift our hearts and be light with courage. May all the peace and healing you have given us come back to you.
Mary Beth

Bobbie Kass said...


God Bless..I keep you in my prayers..look forward to seeing you soon.

Love Bobbie Kass

pabate said...

Tom and Phylis formerly of the Cayman Islands (now in Wilmington,NC) send our love and prayers to you, Mary.We wish you a speedy recovery with peace and harmony in our hearts.

gabriella said...

mary, we chanted for you in Rapolano with mukesh and edwin. All your students from italy send ther love and admiration for your strengh and courage, love

lesjmanes said...

hi mary, it always feels good to go home after being away...to nest and get better...i'm thinking of you.... actually, my whole family who are also reading your beautifully articulate and uplifting blogs...send love and blessings along with me. xxooleslie