Friday, June 29, 2007

It's not true what they say about hospitals

Another great uninterrupted night of sleep.
Two good walks yesterday.
One one lap.
One two laps.
Walking in Tadasana meant a whole new component and lease on life.
Blogging in Supta Baddha Konasana is the way to go.
All efforts today about peri- STALL-sis.
(The menu actually looks good)
I'm going to be here at least til Monday so I want to take advantage of the food.
The doctors are on to me and on my case!

Feeling good vibes.


Jen said...

So nice to hear updates of your progress and to hear that you are maintaining high spirits in the hospital. Well, I guess I'll be doing meditations for movements.


Michael said...

So glad to here you are makeing progress,getting an appetite is a good sign. Inspiring to here how you are using your yoga training to guide you through this.

My prayers are that you keep progressing toward health.

Michael Davis

aretha said...

Dear Mary,
I have kept up with your blogs. Although your condition is obviously serious you still bring a wonderful sense of light and humor. Your voice sounds no different to me in this setting than it has in the past at FPR. You continue to be a voice of inspiration- I wish you knew fully how much you touch your students. I continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Best,

Dale Simmerman said...

On moving things along...

On my shoes
Boiling water,
Toasting bread,
Buttering the sky:
That should be enough contact
With God in one day
To make anyone

Leslie said...

Dear Mary,
I am happy to be able to keep up with your progress.
May all the good will, support and generosity of spirit that you have shown to others be reflected back to you and good health return.
Leslie Journet

Ginny Shubert said...

Good morning, Mary! Have I ever told you my favorite joke? It's food-related.

Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 7-8-9.

Clearly I'm not the professional humorist in the family. Just wanted to make you smile.

Lots and lots of love. Have a good day.

Erica said...


I've been thinking a lot about you and wishing well. I'm glad to hear your tadasana is up and moving. I'm also glad to hear that what they say about hospitals isn't true. Enjoy the food.

Lots of love,
Erica Steinweg

Anonymous said...

I look forward to every morning to get an update on your wellbeing. I certainly remember interrupted periSTALLsis from my hospital stay and it was no fun.
You are a beacon of light,humor and inspiration who lights up even the dark places and spaces.
You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.
All My Love,

Cynthia worby

Judy Dennis said...

Dear Mary,

Only you could make our mouths water for Jell-o!

Adding love to the soup-pot,

Barbara Nicol said...

Dear Msry,

Inspired by the food joke, I thought I would share one of my favorites...Also rooted in the physical...

How do you mske a handkerchief dance?

Put a little boogie into it...

Sending you lots of light and love,and a little boogie,

Bsrbara Nicol

Ariane said...

Good Morning Mary,
So glad you are feeling the good vibes sent from your many friends in loving thoughts and words through the blog. It sounds as if you're also feeling the good vibes through the loving deeds of your physicians and those attending you. Enjoy your walks, they'll get everything to settle back in place. Love, Ariane

JWalker said...

Good Morning!
Very glad you are eyeing the menu with something akin to anticipation rather than aversion. That's quite a feat in a hospital! Hope you can kick the 'STALL' out of peri-STALL-sis quickly quickly quickly.
We are in Vermont for the weekend, no internet but we'll check in with folks via 'steam phone' to keep tabs on you.
Have a great day.

Much love, Jonathan Walker

Victoria Murphy said...

Good morning, Mary. My mother worked as a hospital nurse in the ‘40s. Whenever she would hear a post-op report such as yours, she would reliably remark, “It’s amazing how they get people up and moving around right after surgery. We wouldn’t let patients get out of bed for a week or more after an operation.” Yes Mom, they are still getting patients right up.

So will you be teaching peristalsasana once you have it figured out?

Mary P said...

As a favorite dance tune of mine goes "let's get it star- arr- ted".
Wishing you more laps today and looking forward to your blog and your progress each morning.
MaryP (Ct)

Lisa said...

Hi Mary,
You're sounding so vibrant already. I'm thinking of you in the hospital over the Fourth of July holiday, as I was when I had lung cancer surgery. My room at St.Vincent's had a view of the fireworks in the Hudson River, but otherwise it was pretty dreadful. Sloan sounds like much more of a class act.
Hope you'll be making many more rounds of the corridors today.
Much Love & showers of blessings.
Lisa Miller

Mary Beth Early said...

Hi Mary,
It's so good to hear your (virtual) voice and those in your amazing network of love. Sending you movement-inspiring vibes from a dedicated performance of swimming-pool-ladder-standing-marichiyasana. Hope you get some results and that your laps are getting more comfortable.
Mary Beth

Janna Peterson said...

Dearest Mary:
This morning I did a MOVING meditation vinyasa dedicated to you. Will call my mom later this afternoon to read to her from your blog, since she's not a computer person. She understands the concept of ones and zeros, but that's about it...

Blessings, love, and peace, Janna

Peter D. said...

Mary -

Michelle and I, and your entire extended California family, are thinking of you. If we can inspire you half as much as you inspire us then you will be healthy in no time flat!

Peter D.

bonnie said...

bonnie said...
Hello, dear Mary,
We hear your voice, see your smile, bask in your upbeat humor, admire your spirit, each day as we read your blog. We'll be gone for over a week and will check-in again when we return. Meanwhile, we send love, good thoughts and prayers to you

Bonnie and Don Mike

lucienne said...

Good Afternoon Mary! Thank you for teaching me everyday from your bed. Let's hope for the 'peri-MOVE-sis' to enter the stage. Way to go with a great menu and healing appetite. I send you a warm hug.

Stella said...

mary - before you know it the staff at sloane kettering will be doing downnnnard dawg.... led by you. hang in their kiddo - love stella from pocatello, idaho, that is...

joniwellness said...

dearest Mary,

On the day your photo was taken at the yogathon, I thought to myself, wow, you look sooooo beautiful, with a quiet, peaceful, Inner Radiance. That week, I listed you in my gratitude journal. I will save the details for another email.

I have been at Omega with Joan this week, and each day, we held you in all of our hearts. There is so much love for you that it cannot be contained. You have deeply touched and influenced so many people, leaving such positive impression and effect that ripples outward infinitely. You are truly an inspiration for being aligned with your dharma, your Life Purpose.

Here, through you, we all became one heart.


joniwellness said...

dearest Mary,

On the day your photo was taken at the yogathon, I thought to myself, wow, you look sooooo beautiful, with a quiet, peaceful, Inner Radiance. That week, I had listed you in my gratitude journal. I will save the details for another email.

I have been at Omega with Joan this week, and each day, we held you in all of our hearts. There is so much love for you that it cannot be contained. You have deeply touched and influenced so many people, leaving such positive impression and effect that ripples outward infinitely.

Here, through you, we all became one heart.


p.s. You are truly an inspiration for being aligned with your dharma, your Life Purpose, and making the world a better place to live.

Oya Horiguchi said...

Dear Mary, it has been few years since I saw you last, but it seems nothing has changed, look at you with that usual BIG SMILE... receiving all the love that is pouring towards you and smiling back and giving back to us, one by one, the love that you receive. I could feel this exchange of love getting bigger and bigger and spreading to the whole universe. You know you are in a loving universe. All the forces are here to give you assistance, to give you support.
I'll be joining with lots of Aums, from far away, to the chanting of more love, support and gratitute this Sunday.
All the best,
Oya Horiguchi

karan said...

Frances Baker and I are students of Karen Allgire and had the pleasure of studying with you and Dean in Mexico. We're sorry for your illness. As an offering to your well being, we have asked the abbot of the Tibetan monastery we support to remember you in prayer.
With every good wish,
Karan Shelley

Leslie said...

Well, hello, today, Dear Mary,
Silvana called from Rapolano. She and Gabriella and Mukesh Desai and Edwin and everyone in Rapolano want you to know that they are chanting for you everyday, holding you in all those hearts in Tuscany. They tried to get a message to the blog, but the internet is playing its elusive games.
Along with everybody else, I wish you a happy move-along through the "peri-stall-sis"!
Love, Leslie Freyberg

Maria C. said...

Good Morning Dear Mary- Or perhpas night allready.
It was morning when I tried, but it didn't go through.

It seems you had another good morning after another good sleep and more steps, good appetite and as usual great sense of humor and vibes sounds like a veeeery good progress. Bon appetite! Enjoy the treat and receive tons of love coming from all the directions to your way for the on going recovering improving from Dandasana to Tadasana to Supta Baddakonasana the whole asana family is reshaping! And now with peristaltic too. Luxurious!
It's good to know the doctors and people in the hospital are taking care of you, who could not? If you might be the perfect loving patience and might make them smile as well. It's contagious!

Your room might feel very melodic with so many chants, voices, prayers and waves of strong, sincere and supportive love. Way to go Mary!

Thinking of you, and chanting more tryamvacan for more healing yet to come.


warm big hug
from maria :)

Jeneth McClure said...

Dear Mary,
Thanks for being you and letting us all in on your challenging journey of recovery. You are such a light and bright spirit!! Know that you are loved! I am sending you all the healing vibrations I can muster!

Love & Light,

jberelow said...

Dear Mary,

jberelow said...

Dear Mary, My love, thoughts, prayers, and meditations are with you. Jo-Anne B. from San Diego

David McDonald said...


We go back to Australia for awhile and look what you go and do...

But by the sound of it, you're in good spirits, and your practice certainly better than ours at the moment (we blame that on a nearly 6 month old little bundle of noise I can hear right now).

Know that we're with you whenever and however you need us: our thoughts, our strength, our love. The Pacific Ocean is big, but it ain't that big. And if it becomes a bit of a stretch, then we're appointing James and everyone at the Institute as our proxy (and if they're tied up, then Patanjali has said he'll step in).

David and Nina (and Alice and Lily)

lisa rotell said...

dear mary,

i have contemplated all day long how i could express the deep feelings i have for you. i came to realize that nothing measured up. so i send you the three words that say it best..........

i love you.................... lisa

John Schumacher said...

Hi Mary,

I shouldn't be surprised that you are are bright and evervescent as ever....but given your challenges, I am. As always, you are a shining testament to the power of yoga on all its levels, regardless of the circumstances. And isn't that what it's really all about?

Sounds as though things are going well. That's great! Also an opportunity to play with your practice on a whole nother level, too.

It is so wonderful...and not at all surprising.... to see the tremendous outpouring of love coming your way. I know you can feel it, and I know that the power of that love is a tremendous help to you. Please know that I add my love and thoughts and heartfelt wishes for healing, light, and contentment.

Love 'n' Peace,

Marina Rosa said...

Hi Mary!
I do not know if you remember me... Rina Ortiz from the Philippines. I have studied with you at the Hamptons workshop 2 years ago and in the city a few times. I set up and run the Iyengar Yoga School here in Manila with Gurujis blessings. Just got the news... After the Aums and salutations to Patanjali and to Guruji before each class, I will include a short prayer and offering for your speedy and full recovery.
Incase you are interested in stem cell therapy by a doctor in UCLA who cured himself with his own stem cells (not stem cells from others which has ethical/moral issues, but your own stem cells extracted from your own bone marrow) please contact, Dr. Samuel D. Bernal MD, Ph D at or who healed himself using this method.
Here is wishing you light and healing!
With all my best wishing,

yogarosa said...

We are holding you a space in the South Florida ocean for your return. We are lovingly chanting (in many languages) for your health and well being. Let me know when you'd like the chocolate delivered....

Norm and Geff said...


How great to hear your spirits are high. Quick recovery depends on it. Peristalsis may take a while, but finally it returns. I went home before mine came back. Walking as much as possible helps a lot. Keep up the good work.

Love from Norm and Geff

Kristine said...


I’ve been mulling all week about what to write to you, trying to find an inspirational quote that you haven’t already heard but I guess I can only write from the heart. Just know you are loved and our sadhana has been for you! We’re sending you lots of healing energy…your fellow Badger, Kristine Bell

Shaw-Jiun said...

You continue to help build a solid yoga community in sharing this inevitable aspect of human existence. We all owe you gratitude.


laura said...

Dear Mary,

always an inspiration on every level, but never would have thought so soon after our symposium would you be the voice of the patient, now that might be taking your commitment to Urban Zen a little too far, but knowing you, and the beam of light you share that channel you are opening, will be one for all of us, to send you our light and love, you unconditionally have shared with all.
As i am in the hamptons, looking for a pop-up store to bring Urban Zen here for the summer, i saw a space for rent, and ofcourse it shares its space with fighting cancer, and an amazing group of people, who plays its patients advocates for eastern Long Island. The woman who runs the center, was in charge of the advocacy at Sloans Kettering.
Once again, there are no coincidences. I look forward to sending you some of the wonderful moments, that you so kindly inspired your day was truly, one of the best. Unselfishly, that does not come only from me, but all that attended, looking forward for you to see it for yourself.

I'm just about to leave now, for a month, but want you to know that even though my physical body it's not here, my heart is.


Laurie Blakeney said...

Hi Mary, The blog is a great idea, and I'm maybe now getting the hang of how to get my thoughts on the post.(Thought I sent some earlier, but don't think they got through....but I love a steep learning curve!)

Please rest well, and let me know if there is anything I can help you with here in AA.

Love and more love,

Elise said...

Bless you Mary. Your spirit is GINORMOUS (now a recognized dictionary word). Thank you so much for your Blog. It is wonderful to hear your thoughts and about your progress. Thinking about you in and out of the Iyengar realm.

marry said...

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