Thursday, June 28, 2007


Morning is bright and promising. I'm resting fairly comfortably, moving fairly uncomfortably. It seems like a fair trade.
Today the real walking and sitting up begins. Yesterday just baby steps in that direction, although I got up twice. Everything moving towards that all important renewing of peristalsis. There has to be an exit strategy before we get on to food.


Dale Simmerman said...

Here's to moving experiences... of every kind!

As a myriad of things and
Playing a game
Of tag

Has kissed you and said,
"You're it--

I mean, you're Really IT!"

It does not matter
What you believe or feel

For something wonderful,

Major-league Wonderful
Is someday going



Yvonne said...

Good morning Mary! Just checking in on you. So good to hear from you and I wish you a comfortable day.
With love
Yvonne (Leela, the "precious pup" sends a big kiss too)xX

Judy Dennis said...

Good morning!

What a storm you slept through! A real King Lear lightning bolt affair. The good report is that flowers and trees loved the soaking.

Hoping your natural elements adjust as beautifully.

Much love,

simone_zez said...

Good Morning Mary,
I am thinking of you.
Thank you for showing us how...
to teach, to live, to be

Karin Bohr said...

Good morning Mary,
thinking of you, thank you for having the blog to be able to connect.
I am happy to hear you're up and open for the next steps to take. It's great to hear that you had a deep uninterupted sleep, it's so healing.
My close friend Anna in Germany has survived cancer twice, once in the abdominal region.
Love Peace Light

Julie said...

So glad you are doing ok after the surgery.
Thinking of you and sending good wishes your way.
We miss you at the Monday 5:30 class and hope to see you well again soon.

Pujari & Abhilasha said...

Sweet Mary,
Holding you warmly in our hearts.
Dedicating the merit of our practice & retreats to your healing!
Love you

Gail A. said...

Good morning Mary!

So delighted you had a restful nights sleep, so healing. Know you are in my thoughts and prayers! Many thanks for this avenue of communication and the generosity of your continued expression of teaching and being in this trying time.
Much love,
Gail A.

Jeff H said...

After Last Night's Yoga Class
Waiting for the train,
hands on hips,
I think of you.

Pinky fingers rise,
sternum lifts.

So glad you had a restful night. Here's to many more!

Jeff H

Judd said...

Hi Mary: keep up the pilgrim's progress! It's also great to hear your 'voice.'
You sound feisty which is very encouraging.
Cheers & Warmest Wishes!

Mary Beth Early said...

Mary, your strong spirit comes through. Sending you wishes for speedy results. I'm dedicating my seated twists to this effort!
Mary Beth

Dallas Ann H. Erwood said...

Dear Mary ~ We on the west coast wish you welly well! I think of you, Louise & Elizabeth often and fondly. Love, Dallas Ann, your old baby-house sitter.

Leslie Bradley said...

Dear Mary,

Thank you so much for sharing with us in this process. I've been struck in seeing you a few times over this last year, with how radiantly beautiful you look. (Yes, even more so than the radiance of the rest of us yogis!) Clearly your light is burning brighter than ever!

You've been a great inspiration to me with your success in your hip replacement. I face my second one on Tuesday and I'll hold you, and this current trial, as inspiration in my recovery.

Thanks for always being such an amazing teacher. Know that you are blessed with the love and admiration of so many, and that is expanding and expanding and expanding.


RYogi said...
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RYogi said...

Small steps are good. The giant leaps will come. With so much outpouring of genuine love how could they not?


Victor said...

Dear dear Mary,

I send so much love to you.

I hold you in my heart and expect to hear of your full and joyful recovery.


Jay said...

doing parivrtta trik today and decided to bring my shoulder under my look before I fell over.

Yvonne said...

Dear Mary
Jules just called from overseas and asked that I send you his best, and his love

Norma Colón said...

This is from Paul Mayer, he couldn't get it through himself.

Dearest Mary,
You are always at the top of my prayer intentions with my
Life Benefactors,
Now we have moved into the realm of " Pray always!"
where I am holding you -body and spirit- in the Divine
Healing Light.
I hope to be in touch when you are feeling stronger.In
the meantime, please call on me for anything.
With deep love & gratitude,

Maria C. said...

Hello Dear Mary!

What a great idea to have this blog to check on how you are doing!
And you are progressing, step at time which is the best way to do.
Sleeping well is a gift, and you are a gifted teacher/human being so there is a good match :).

I sent you a card on the mail since I didn't know about this way, but now that I know I can send you again and again vibes of love since that's all YOU ARE I can do that often. Yeah!

Since I learned what happened you have been in my thoughts and daily prayers. I do love chanting very much and one of my favorites chants is the healing mantra- tryamvacan- wishing that will cross USA all the way from CA to reach you!

You are such and inspiration no matter what the situation is and your enthusiasm, uplifted spirit and abundance quote of positivism along with your strength, courage and all the goods you receive will make you stand up in your Tadasana home and be well sooner than latter.

You look terrific in your birthday picture! That really capture your contagious energy, the vibrancy of your eyes, the santosa inside out and all the beauty one can see and fell in person. That is exactly how I picture you when I think of you: smiling, loving, warm, full of gratitude for everything around and passing that alone always to whoever has been lucky to meet you.

Sending you a big warm hug and all the very very best.

If there is a chance to hug you somehow, I don't want to miss it!
So, I'll be back.

Much love from

maria :)! C.

Paul said...

So good to stay informed through the blog. We know that your indefatiguable joy and inner fortitude will swiftly carry you around the next few bends in the road. We're thinking of you!

Marla & Paul

P.S.: There are many well wishers here on this coast, you are much loved and appreciated.

Sophia said...

Dear Mary,

Thinking of you and wishing you much ease and comfort throughout your treatment.

Your radiant presence is hugely missed at the Institute!!

Love and Peace,


Sue Shapiro said...

Hi Mary,

Great to hear from you today. I told you about the peristalsis bit--that's the hardest (oops--bad idea). The good news is that once you've had this great achievement, nothing is as physically painful in the recovery process. You seem to be, once again, defying medical expectations about the recovery process. This blog was an inspired idea and as some of your friends already pointed out, another teaching device. I'm finally understanding one of the great benefits of this medium. Not only do I love getting the daily updates without worrying that I am bothering you, but I am also privileged to 'meet' so many of your friends and students. We all share an immense love for you and yes--there are arms spread out around the globe, surrounding you with love and prayers and good energy for your continued healing. So a big hug that won't hurt, but will just surround you with warmth and love.

Sue S.


Good afternoon Mary! I opened this blog and found your photo as I have recently seen you. Your full smile and expressive face emit an aura of peace and contentment that jumps off the page... You still comfort many even as you recover yourself!! I am inspired by your courage and spirit. Your friends, students and admirers will continue to direct love and healing intentions to you, your family and your team of healers. I wish you many, many many more nights of "great uninterrupted peacefull sleep"... Love and Light, Susan Turis

Xell said...

Sending many blessings of love and healing to you!
You are surrounded by love and support.
X. Calderer

Jackie said...

Big circle o'love and it's wonderful to join in unity with the whole body of your students.
*holds hands and lifts heart*
Our hearts are one in wishing you abundant joy, useful and inspiring daily work, and ongoing fascial bliss.
Smiles to the Dunns and even the Dunnots, as they get with the illuminative health or are eliminated.

Karyl said...

Dear Mary,
Thank you so much for blogging. You are in my thoughts throughout the day and since I'm out of the loop down here in Myrtle Beach, it's especially comforting to "hear" your voice in your posts.
Mary, I truly don't know anyone who is better equipped to fight this challenging opponent and be victorious. I join the huge circle of your friends around the globe in sending you much, much love. Karyl

Lisa said...

a poem I wrote many years ago
"How to say I love you
to the full moon
for a long time"

How to say I love you
to Mary Dunn
hold her radiance in my heart, and
for a long time

peace you bring us
may we bring you the same...

Lisa Walford

Barbara Nicol said...

Dear Mary,

I left a litle care package for you today at the Iyengar institute. I hope it's helpful.

I must say I love checking in on how you are doing every day and also feel very caught up with the community of well-wishers that's evolved through the blog. Just think next year for your birthday you could have the option of holding a blogathon.

Sharon said...

Hi Mary,
I just spoke with Todd's Dad and thought you'd appreciate what he shared with me. He said, "You know these doctors at Duke are giving me all their know-how, but LAUGHTER has helped me at least as much if not more than all these high tech treatments they keep slaying me with!"

Be sure you get your RDA of laughter.

Love, Sharon

Anonymous said...

Dear Mary,
I am thinking of you... lots of love and good wishes to you...

Ellen K said...

Dear Mary,

Thank you for your blessings of hope, practicality and love.

I stand with my arms stretched wide.

ellen kaplan

Ellen K said...

Dear Mary,

Thank you for your blessings of hope, practicality and love.

I stand here with my arms stretched wide.

Ellen K said...

Dear Mary,

Thank you for your blessings of hope, practicality and love.

I stand here arms stretched wide.

susie said...

Mary, I had the pleasure of attending some of your training/workshop last November 4 in South Florida. That day happened to be my birthday, and you made me feel so special on my special day. I still get a huge smile on my face when I think of that day....THANK YOU!

I, along with the rest of Ruth Ann's class this evening, dedicated my restorative/pranayama practice to you and hope it sends you lots of warmth and healing.

I wish you a comfortable and speedy recovery.

big hug,
Susan Touset

Ziporah said...

Dear Mary,
It sounds like you are making good progress. I hope you get a good night's sleep.

omboy said...

Dear Mary,

I found this poem by Rumi in a book of his collected work. I was thinking of you, searching for some words of connection and respect.

I Have Such A Teacher

Last night my teacher taught me the lesson of Poverty:
Having nothing and wanting nothing.

I am a naked man standing inside a mine of rubies,
clothed in red silk.
I absorb the shining and now I see the ocean
billions of simultaneous motions
moving in me.
A circle of lovely, quiet people
becomes the ring on my finger

Then the wind and thunder of rain on the way.
I have such a teacher.


It has been said that Buddha's last words were: " Make of your body a light..."
Certainly our Guruji shines in an embodiment of light
and now also you, radiant in acceptance,
radiant in good will, radiant in sadness
but a radiant woman still
becomes -- such a teacher -- once again
to us all.

love, robin

lesjmanes said...

hi mary, when you said you were sitting in some sort of dandasana....i thougt she will be back and teaching us the amazing variations on poses useful after surgery and kemo. you are in our prayers and praying that this challange will not be daunting to your strenth, courage and love. xxooleslie

Ellen said...

Dear Mary,

Guten morgen. It's cool and sunny and early! in Vienna and I'm heading off to my last morning yoga class here ( they close down the little yoga zentrum for the summer, oy.) Last evening, I took class with Elizabeth, one of very few women teaching here (a lotta guys...). What I most loved about Elizabeth's class was her inspired running commentary -muttering, exclaimations of "shrecklich" -horrible- not about our poses, but as she headed into the asanas she most, ok, dreaded. Well, dreaded and loved!
She's just one of the girls.

love from one of your girls, Ellen

garth said...

Dear Mary,
I am so relieved to hear you've had some peaceful rest after these last turbulent days.

From my limited experiences, I see knowledge as a vital and key component in one's healing process. What we do with that knowledge is what helps us put the challenges behind us ...and make what appears to be an unsurmountable mountains a breeze to conquer.

With your courage, tenacity, light creative ingenuity and the tremendous love around you, I know you will be at the mountain top in no time!

the love continues to flow...uninterrupted and peacefully.

garth mclean

Linda DiCarlo said...

Dear Mary,

Pleased to see you are bouyed by the love and support of so many people. Your positive energy and enthusiasm for life coupled with the love or our community will surely carry you back to vibrant health.

caroline r said...

an inspiration to us all.I never stayed with a yoga class before i took your class. your exuberance for life just filled the room.
i am deeply saddened that you are not there now,but know in my heart you will be back. sending you all my love & healing.
caroline rubin

celticdreamer said...

From a stranger in the last row of one of your classes, I send you my love and best wishes. We are all here with you, along side you in thoughts, spirit, and love, and even someone like me of little words wishes to carry out what my heart have asked me to do, send love and help another human being, you. Thank you teacher, and we all await to see your smile and absorb your wisdom as soon as that can be.