Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sitting UP

I am sitting here with James and Louise, in some version of dandasana.

I have talked to the surgeon and am dealing with peritoneal cancer. He removed what he could and said that the rest of the metastases will respond well to chemotherapy.

After I am released from the hospital, I will do some R and R with Louise in Philadelphia.

Then back to 73rd St and on to chemo.

I love reading the cheers and cheer to the reads.



Jay said...

God Bless.
take care, you are in every thought...


Matthew, David and I are with you in spirit today. I look forward to being back with you in person tomorrow. My arms are stretched to the last fingertip...


Joanne Carter said...

Dear Mary, May peace and light surround while you are on this road to healing. With a deep bow and much respect, joanne carter

liz said...

we're sending lots of good energy and love across the country!
liz, ethan, and isadore

Columbia said...

Dear Mary,
you are in my thoughts and love sent to sending something by way of a photo
v-e-r-y soon- love , lovelove!!!!
wishes and wishes and wishes of
goldand white gifts of light for you!

Judy Dennis said...

Dear Mary,
El and I were just talking across the Atlantic about you and about getting to know your many extraordinary friends!
A shout out to James and the girls! - you're in great company!

I see Ellen sent her love today, but here's more, and mine, too.


Julie Adler said...

Hi Mary!!

You are in my thoughts constantly. I was away on a retreat this past weekend and came home to see this incredible blog, your shining face and twinkling eyes. You were an inspiration to me right from the start, when I first met you, to years later when you gave me some incredible advice to now, from your 'sitting up' position, blogging to all of us from the recovery unit. It's truly amazing and I dedicate my practice to you and may countless blessings shower upon you to to invigorate your health and radiate the light deep within that you share with us all.

much love,
Julie A.

Adina :) said...

Dearest Mary,
Thanxs for the update and now I know where to concentrate the loving healing enery for you during my prayers. The prognosis sounds very good. I know you will be well.

Have a great time in Philly(my longago home town).

I send you a Big Hug, Adina :)

Yvonne said...

Hi Mary
I keep checking to see how you're doing and you're back and ready to receive more love and good wishes!
Thinking of you lots

Roberta G said...

Hi Mary,

Sending you love and best wishes for a speedy recovery. I dedicated my downward dog to you this a.m.!


Louise Epstein said...

Dear Mary,

Dandasana already! Not surprising.

Wish we were closer but sending all our love from the Berkeley posse,


Linda Hays said...

India has two more sweats scheduled, Thursday 9 am your time and Sunday at 5 your time. We love you and want you to come to the Ranch anytime you feel like R&R.

Much love, India and Linda

Kevin said...

Two very sweet doves have been peeking in our window lately, Checking us out. This morning there was a neat little nest tucked in the corner of the window ledge. One returned about an hour ago, ate a few of the seeds I had laid out, did a little wiggle and settled down. Just as I started to write you this note, I got up to close the near by window and she with a graceful start upped and flew away, And OH! there,,,it was! a tiny little egg luninous, pind and vibrating with life waiting, resting and full of possibilities. I said "Oh yes, Mary, rest, rest now, you have some flying yet to do"
We contunue to hold you in our hearts,
See you very soon.
Kevin & Erika

George Purvis said...

Mary ! Dandasana today !?!?!. Tomorrow Viparita Dandasana !!!!! At least you can start dreaming about it . Mary it`s easy , just say NO to peritoneal cancer . Not "Just" get well , but GET WELL !!! Consider intercessory prayers from me and all those and Those I have beseeched steaming your way now and on and on and on and on and and on and on and .........................................................................ok , so I decided not to type through all 108 "on and on`s" or "dots" for that matter . They are there though . Just saving bandwidth . What the heck is bandwidth anyway ? Enormous Love , George

Marilyn Rubin said...

Dear Mary,
Thank you for posting this blog. My prayers and thoughts are with you as your shining light carries you through this part of your journey.
You are such an inspiration. My practice is dedicated to you as I hear your voice reverberating in my head.

Manzanita said...

From the realm of positive energy and enormous love, I'm sending my thoughts and prayers through George's world of respect and concern for you. Be the miracle that comes true today. Susan

cheryl said...

Mary you are in my heart and thoughts. I am sending you love and healing energy.

cheryl Malter

Jen said...

Mary, I keep checking the blog so that I can follow your progress. Look at all this love coming at you! No doubt these powers will heighten your own ability to take on this healing. Hugs. You are in my everyday thoughts.

Dale Simmerman said...

Hafiz again (I'm waiting a few days before using my own words to make sure you're strong enough for puns..)

If this world
Was not held in God's bucket

How could an ocean stand upside down
On its head and never lose a drop?

If your life was not contained in God's cup

How could you be so brave and laugh,
Dance in the face of death?


JWalker said...

Dearest Mary,
Jennifer and I are thinking of you so often throughout our days. Rest easy, travel safe and know there are loved ones waiting for you wherever you land. Keep us posted when you can, the blog is a blessing and so are you. Much love, Jonathan Walker
ps. My mother who began practicing yoga every day at the age of 77 (she's now 82!) has put you on her community's 'prayer chain' up in Maine. She's heard ALL about you over the years and sends you lots of good cheer. jw

Leslie said...

George Purvis and others are hard acts to follow, nevertheless;
Here is your Sanskrit lesson for the day:
How to decline the noun, "Blog":
Blogavati Blogavatyau Blogavatyah
(Salutations to the Devine Mistress of Blog!)
...And my arms continue to extend extend extend ad anantam, and I'm not the least bit tired!!
LOVE, Leslie

Karen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karen said...

Hi Mary.

I am sending prayers and bessings, and am so moved by all the love going around.

Knowing your love of a good song made better by yoga lyrics, I thought I'd send one of my latest adaptations, to be sung to the tune of "On the Street Where You Live" from My Fair Lady. Now to be known as My Fair Yogi.

(Begin in Krounchasana)

I have often been in this pose before
But my shin was never this close to my nose before
All at once my eyes
Seem to quietize
Knowing I'm in the place where yoga lives

Are there rooted trees? Are there coiling snakes?
Do we hold the poses until every muscle aches?
When she says "Do more!"
Don't we say "For sure!"
That's cause we're in the place where yoga lives

And oh that towering feeling
Just to know that Mary is near
The overpowering feeling
That any second one more dog pose may appear

I can't hold the pose
Doesn't bother me
For there's no place else on earth that I would rather be
Let the timing go by..............................................
(ugh ugh ugh ugh)
I don't care if I
Can be here in the place where yoga lives.

Lots of love,
Karen Allgire

Barbara said...

Dear Mary, it was so awsome to hear from you today. James is always telling us about "doing our best..." -- I am sure you know the saying. You are a true inspiration. Lots of love from me and Andrzej. Our thoughts are with you. Barbara

Nancy said...

Mary ,
You are on my mind and living in my heart now.

I am up at Omega at Joan White's workshop and we are all dedicating healing meditation and our practice to you. I would guess all of your friends and students all over the world are doing the same for you now, sending love and healing thoughts.

I'm sure you have access to the best Doctors and information .I have a friend who went to Europe to receive a kind of radiation treatment that he could not get here.The treatment was so radical that he was not able to be in contact with anyone for over 24 hours and then had stipulations about close contact with people for awhile.The4 good news is it worked and he has been in remission for years now with this special treatment. If you don't know about this and are interested , I could get you the details. Maybe someone reading this blog has them too.

I will be in Ann Arbor the last week of July if there is anything I can do for you there.

All my love and appreciation,

Nancy Kardon

Janna Peterson said...

Dearest Mary: The east coast called the west coast, which in turn, called the east coast - that was how I found out about you last week.
You are continually in my prayers.

Blessings, love, and peace,

Judy Ward said...

Dear Mary,

David and I add our love and hugs from afar. We feel your positive energy and know that it will be a powerful resource for you and your amazing circle of family and friends.

Judy Ward

Elizabeth said...

Sending more healing thoughts from Caifornia. Off to grade papers.

love and more love,

Mary P said...

Dear Mary,
You are an inspiration to all ! You are in my heart and in my practice. I am devoting time each day to my least favorite, most challenging poses in hopes of sending my released energy your way. Even "off the blankets" you continue to teach.
Be well,
Mary P (Greenwich class)

Linda said...

I, too, hold you in my heart, and I will keep you there.

Norma Colón said...

Dearest Mary,
Sounds like good news today. Our love and blessings are with you evert minute. All this love going your way is trying to match the love that you are, that you give.
I love you very much.

Norma Colón said...

Dearest Mary,
Sounds like good news today. Our love and blessings are with you evert minute. All this love going your way is trying to match the love that you are, that you give.
I love you very much.

dloeb said...


I am so sorry to hear of your diagnosis. However, it is wonderful to see the outpouring of support you have inspired. It is amazing to see you help your students and friends through a difficult time through this blog.

You are in my thoughts.


anna and art said...

from fingertip to fingertip, ours to yours. we are with you in every thought moment prayer

we love you so much

anna and art

bonnie said...

Dearest Mary,

"A thousand questions rise to my lips, and as suddenly ebb-"

Emily Dickinson

In my quietude, I send to you, who have given me so much, prayers of love, prayers for healing...


Bonnie Moeller

ItaliANAdiNewYork said...

Dear Mary,
My family and I are with you. Put all your beautiful energy into getting better soon - we miss you. There is always a fresh gardenia in front of our shrine of Ganesh dedicated to you. We are lighting candles in the most beautiful churches of Rome in your name. With all this holy shield, just rest and let the love that surrounds you help you heal really fast.


Sheryl Nigro said...

If love cures all
you will certainly recover beautifully.
My heart is with you.
Sheryl Nigro

rebecca said...

Mary, wishing you all the best for an absolute speedy recovery from surgery. Sitting UP! Horray! Each of these small but significant steps are bringing you closer to freedom. Love, Rebecca

julia said...

concentrically stirred
the cusp: pool and pebble meet
to radiate grace

thank you Mary for your generosity and ceaseless inspiration.

with love and healing thoughts for a thorough recovery...


Victoria Murphy said...

Now that I have just learned what the peritoneum is, and am--for the first time--checking a blog through the day, I see that you are still teaching me, still coaxing me to venture beyond the familiar.

I am relieved to read that you have a clearer diagnosis, a treatment plan, two people at bedside who love you dearly (no surprise there), and hundreds more sending you prayers, love, light, poetry, wisdom bits and humor. It’s time to take care of the one who has taken so much care of us.


Tim inSan Diego said...


All of your many old friends and students in San Diego send gratitude and love to you. Ever the teacher, your are showing how to handle illness with Grace.


betsy said...

O, Frabjous Day! Mary's UP and away!
Love, love, love....and big bear hugs to your beautiful nurses Louise and Lizzie....Betsy

Barbara Nicol said...

Dear Mary,

Glad to have news of you post-surgery. Glad you are sitting up.

I wanted to let you know my teacher Ammachi, the hugging saint, will actually be in NY July 11-13 at the Manhattan Center, if you feel drawn to her. There is a question line (for questions to Amma)that forms at 8 AM in the morning on the 11th and 12th (maybe the 13th also; I'm not sure)on the left of her chair. You would have first priority. I have found her judgment impeccable. The person in charge is Uma Brooks.

Sending you light and love,
Barbara Nicol

Carol Cook said...

Dear Mary--You are much in David's and my thoughts these last few days. We had been looking forward to basking in your radiant spirit at Feathered Pipe in August but now we are comforted just to know that that spirit will see you through your healing process. With love and gratitude for all you have taught us--Carol Cook and David Thurn

Nancy Brodlieb said...

Moon Goddess, your beams are reflected back to you in all your beauty.

Nancy B

sandi said...


You are ever in our thoughts and hearts. Rest well and do let all these continuous waves of good will and love wash through and refresh you.

Glenn and Sandi

Ryogi said...

Dear Mary,

My prayers and best wishes are with you as always.


Bobbi Goldin said...

Dear Mary,
Warmest wishes are being sent to you from your South Miami fan club.....we send healing energy to surround you.

I am not so sure about the curly hair, maybe blond is a consideraton

Bobbi Goldin