Sunday, June 24, 2007

June 24 BLOG ONE

I have started this blog to respond to the outpouring of love that has come to me in response to the news that I have cancer that has spread in my abdomen.

Tonight I am preparing for the surgery which I am welcoming as the first step in getting well.
Tomorrow pre-admission testing and I meet my surgeon, Nadeem Abu-Rustum, face to face.
I have talked to him and had a really good feeling about us being a marvelous team. And when I mention his name, I get smiles and good vibes back.

I am also reading Bernie Siegel's Love, Medicine and Miracles and learning about his experiences. I will investigate the Simingtons and their work when I have time in recovery.

Anyway, the stay at Memorial Sloan Kettering will be at least four days after the surgery on Tuesday. So far the the doctor has identified the cancer as female, but has not given more specifics or a site of origin. I will know more tomorrow, maybe, but probably not be blogging for a few days after--mostly fogging.

Now that I am on to this blogging, you can be sure I will be back with news of things getting better.

In the meantime, I feel supported and loved to an enormous degree. When my girls were growing up, we used to stretch our arms out to the last fingertip to say how much we could love each other. Now so many are doing that for me. I guess looking back, this gesture predetermined my career.


simone_zez said...

Good Morning Mary,
News of your blog made me smile.

I am thinking of you and inspired by your strength
and Light.

Ginny Shubert said...

Hi, Mary. It's so good to hear your voice! Our thoughts and love are with you all the time, so it may feel crowded where you are...
Ginny and David

Dalia said...

Hi Mary,

Praying for you, your health, strength and quick recovery.
Hugs and love.

lesjmanes said...

hi maryxxoo i was so happy to hear from you as i'm thinking of you throughout my days!! I could feel your beautiful strong spirit through the blog. i'm off to yale to see bonnie and will pass this blog on to her...tons of love and blessings to you. xxooleslie

vtmarm said...

Since you're on A LOT of contemplation lists Mary, including our little ashrama havens in Massachusetts and California --- would you agree that, true to Senior Teacher form, you are keeping us (with your sparkling smile of course!) properly engaged!!!!
we send pranams and love.
Viren and Amita

Ann McDermott-Kave said...

Hi Mary ~

Thanks for creating this communication!

Sending you lots of love, admiration and wishes to get well soon.

Until we blog again,

Amy said...

Blogging - what a great idea.
I'm thinking of, happy and relieved to know you're in good hands, and eager for updates.
Stay strong and positive - as always.
x Amy

robstaf said...

Hi, Mary, it's Robby Stafford and I can remember seeing you guys do that love gesture when I was little. It's a pretty early memory so it's stayed with me too. It makes me really happy to remember those Berkeley days. I'm thinking lots about you, and look forward to seeing you soon! Love, R

Eve Holbrook said...

Hi Mary,
It's so good to hear from you and know that you feel so well-loved, which you certainly are! I am thinking of you and sending you even more love, good thoughts, and wishes for your swift recovery!
xo, Eve

Velma said...

Thank you for this blog so that we have a readily available way to send our loving and healing thoughts to you. Best wishes to you in this journey of discovery and growth.
With love,

Mary Beth Early said...

Hi Mary,
Sending hugs and love and best wishes.
Mary Beth

Rebecca Gardiner said...

Dear Mary,

Warmest greetings and wishing you all the strength and inspiration and inner wisdom you have given all of us over the years.


naghmeh said...

very dear Mary,
thank you for this direct link to you through this blog; i am joining everyone in sending you a wide hug, a big smile with love and light, every day.
xoxo naghmeh

lsk said...

I went to bed last night thinking of you and praying for you.
Please try and read Larry Dossey's Space Time and Medicine, a truly great book. If it's no longer in print, I'll give you mine.
I am thinking of you ALWAYS!!!
and practicing with you every day - your voice is in my head.
all love, lsk

lsk said...

I went to sleep last night thinking of you and praying for you. When I practice every day I hear your voice and feel very close to you.
PLEASE read Larry Dossey's, Space, Time and Medicine - a WONDERFUL book.
I send love. You inspire so much!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,
The beautiful image of you and your daughters with the infinitely spread arms of love brought tears of happiness and tinges of sadness to my eyes and my heart. You are being held in the infinitely loving and nurturing arms of all of us who love you.
Cynthia Worby

Mark Ginsburg said...

As I reflect on all that I've received from you, I recall your ability to move beautifully through challenges. So much more to come, to be shaped by this experience, as the ones before.
We just never stop learning from you.
Love, Mark

Judi F. said...

Dear Mary,
Thank you for giving this gift of communication to all of us who love you. Now there is a channel to direct all of our loving thoughts and prayers straight to your heart. I wish you the best of luck with your surgery tomorrow. Your strength and good humor are an inspiration. Hopefully this will be but a bump in the road on your journey through life. Much love --Judi F.

garth said...

Hi Mary,
Thinking of the grace, light, inspiration and incredible spirit that is synonymous with you, I join the others in holding consciousness for you as you courageously face this latest challenge. all love. garth

sandi said...

Dear Mary,
Glenn and I were so glad to hear from you. We have been thinking about you constantly. I am glad you are having surgery and are in such good hands. Thank you for keeping us informed. We love you and send you best wishes. We are in Paris and so will be thinking of you when everyone else is asleep. I think you have world wide round the clock care coverage.
Hugs and love,
Glenn and Sandi

Ellen said...

Dear Mary,

It's evening here in Vienna and I'm putting on my Light on Life t-shirt to go off to the little Iyengar Yoga Center (or I should say zentrum) for class (klasse) mit Helmuth or Hannes (!). Wish you could hear what everyone has to say when they read my t-shirts (naturally I have them all with me and wear them so proudly). And then I tell them about our bamboo floor (oo) and then about our ropewall (ooo), and about our teachers.. and so many ask about "Mary Dunn", and so in addition to all my love, I'm sending many great wishes your way from my classmates and teachers here in Vienna. thinking of you tag + nacht, Ellen

Victoria Murphy said...

Dear Mary,
It was either in "Love, Medicine and Miracles," "Peace, Love and Healing," or a lecture I attended, that Bernie imparted the following anecdote: When, prior to surgery, patients visualize their blood moving away from the site of the surgery, they would lose considerably less blood during surgery than would normally be expected.

I am spreading my arms wide, wide, wide - reaching for the windows and rope wall (well actually, I have frozen shoulder so I’m not getting them too wide!) - praying for your errant and feisty colony of cells to take a hike.
With love

lucienne said...

Mary is blogging!!! Fantastic idea and thank you so very much for coming into my living room this way. I wish you good preparations for tomorrow's surgery. I will practice some udara akunchana sthti's in your honor. I am sending you my heart and very best wishes. Lucienne

Bobbie said...

Keep your kneecaps lifted, Mary. Now is the time for "meditation in action" as your part in the health "team". As a CA survivor I can testify that it works! xoxo Bobbie

Tina G. said...

Dear Mary,
Thinking of you, sending love and light. Thank you for your teaching, your laughter, and spacious heart.
with mucho metta,

Josh said...

Hi Mary... it's been a while, but I'm sending Big Love your way, wishing you the speediest of recoveries... wishing you ease of mind, comfort of heart and freedom from all forms of suffering.
Your Heart is invincible.
Much love from Boston,

sandra said...

Dear Mary,

Danny and I are thinking of you as are, apparently, the many friends you have. You are in good hands at Sloane, in fact, the best.

Judy Dennis said...

Dear Mary,

Would have sent my greetings with the early birds, but I was in class this morning (aha!)
Beautiful day today! even the sun is sending its light and warmth to you - full tilt.
Now that's something!
Adding my love,

torimilner said...

Hi Mary

Sending you lots of healing, positive energy with arms spread wide as can be and a smile to match.


LeimomiE said...

So grateful that James let us know of your new blog. And sorry to read why you've started this blog site, but delighted that we can stay in touch over the coming months of your healing.

Duane and I hold you wrapped in Divine Healing Light for complete healing. May Dr. Abu-Rustum's hands be wisely guided.

We're are with you at all times.
Marjorie E.

Karen said...

Hello Mary.

Thank you so much for creating a way for us to stay in touch! As usual, your radiant spirit shines through! I am sending love and healing light to you throughout the day. Your are truly held in so many hearts with so much love.

With love,
Karen Allgire

Judith said...

Dear Mary: I feel so confident of your strength and focus. I feel happy when I read all the support that is coming your way. Please know how many people care about you and how much we all want your complete recovery. I am looking forward to sharing a "yogis old folks home" with you when we are 100 and still standing on our heads! Love, Judith Hanson Lasater

Yvonne said...

Dear Mary
Your grace and dignity in facing this challenge in your life is a remarkable example of how you live yoga.

My thoughts are with you and the "precious pup" is waiting to walk with you in the park! As am I!!

Much love

rebecca said...

Hi Mary, It was so wonderful to hear you sounding so strong and optimistic this morning. With your incredible will and uplifting attitude and all of us behind you, you will rise above this episode in your long life with grace. You create such beautiful images for us in your teaching, do the same for yourself now, visualizing your body free of cancer and in a state of health and vitality. We love you so much. Dean and Rebecca

David Sipress said...

Dear Mary,

So you're doing blogasana. That's terrific. Because I miss you a lot and it's great to be connected to you. I think of you all day long and send you all my love.


Victoria Austin said...

Dear Mary,

There's a Zen poem that ends,

"The water is clear to the bottom:
fish swim like fish.
The sky is vast reaching into the heavens:
birds fly like birds."

Maybe we need a new line, to reflect your yoga teaching today:

"Love lights up the heart of each and everyone:
Mary heals like Mary."



Aileen said...

Hi Mary,
You continue to be an inspiration! Thanks for doing this blog and keeping us informed. Wishing you more strength, love, light, laughter and all the other things that go into the healing process.
Lots of Love & Prayers,

Ariane said...

Dear Mary,
Yes the arms wide gesture did predetermine your career. Love, Medicine and Miracles is what we've been reading too! I'll be sending thoughts of love and healing your way tomorrow especially. I see the blog as another wave in the ocean of love coming your way. Stretch your arms wide and bask in, Ariane

Ja Soon Kim said...

Dear Mary,
Just received the news. I am in Hawaii visiting my daughter and grand daughter. I was counting the days to see you in August... Sending waves of healing thoughts and LOVE and tons of Aloha Spirits.
Ja Soon.

Norma Colón said...

Namaste Mary,

I'm sending you bushels of love and light. I have a client who recovered from a very serious ovarian cancer, so if it turns out to be related, you can speak to Alice. She'll be glad to speak with you; she know you greatly infuence the yoga she gets.

As you might know, I live very close to Sloan Kettering, so if there is ANYTHING I can do, just holler. I am at your disposal.

I love you very much.

Debbie D. said...

Hi, Mary.I
remember taking a long road (downhill) in the wrong direction with you in Bali but finding our way back (uphill). I remember in a hotel swimming pool in Cambodia finding you in a quiet moment to yourself, arms spread long along the edge, leading back in an easy arch, your eyes closed, and I thought I never knew so little or so much about you as then. It's not only teaching me that you've had an impact. Affectionately, Debbie

Sue Shapiro said...

Hi, Mary, So great of you to start this blog so we can all stay in touch -- fingertips reaching around the globe, hugging and holding you, through whatever you go through. Starting a blog says so much about your spirit--that we're never too old to take up the new. It's awesome reading all the comments, connecting through you to this wide world. So many people who are indebted to you, love you, and hear your voice in their head as they practice. May all this love surround you tomorrow and in the days to come.
love, Sue

Kim said...

Dear Mary,

I am leading the students in a group meditation in all of my classes until you are completely healed.

We are sending the healing energy directly to your tummy.

I love you so much. Please get better.


Ziporah said...

Dear Mary,
It sounds like you are in good hands. I wish you all the best. I hope everything goes smoothly.

suzie said...

Greetings Mary from Omega with Joan,
So many students here wondering how you were and now we can tell them you are on your way to great healing. Joan will organize a prayer and healing practice directed to YOU tomorrow and the rest of the week.

With your courage and the love of all your friends and students, your health will be restored quickly.
Love to you,

Karin Bohr said...

I am thinking of you and I am wishing you all that you need to heal.
May this moment in your life pass on as any other moment. And may you be with all of us very soon. Enriching so many lives with your gifts and beautiful smile.
I am offering chantings to connect and support you tomorrow.
Kindest regards,

james and joanne said...

Hi Mary-
I am sending you so much love, light, and positive energy. You have always been such a pillar of strength, and I am reaching my arms wide to hug you with all my heart.
With love,

toni r. said...

Dear Mary, Prayers from A2--you are in our thoughts. Love
Toni & Jim R. xxoo

chris said...

I was so sad to have missed your call this morning. I was teaching yoga, what else!! This is a great idea! There is so much positive energy coming your way. You must be one of the most loved people in the entire world! Your message sounds strong and optimistic. You are constantly in my thoughts. I hope to see you soon. Much love,

Vivienne said...

I'm so glad you started this blog. It is good to feel close to you. You have all my love and support, lots of baby kisses, too!

Vivienne and Family

Kimberlee said...


You are in my thoughts and prayers as you embark on this journey. Sending you a huge hug across the wires like the one you recently gave me.
Much love,

Sarah said...

Hi Mary,
Thanks for doing this blog and keeping us all connected. You are such a shining star. Thinking of you everyday and sending much love.

Dale Simmerman said...

What Hafiz would have written about blogs like this:

Hunting party
Sometimes has a greater chance
Of flushing love and God
Out into the open
Than a warrior

Kathy Jo said...

dear sweet smiling Mary,
I got the news this evening before class and dedicated my practice to you. Your smile filled the room at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of Los Angeles (not that it's left since you helped build our sacred space in L.A.). I hold you in my heart and will dedicate all my practice to you as you travel this most difficult road on life's journey.
Kathy Jo

Kevin said...

Thank you Mary for even now facilitating connection.
It's Tuesday. I was up very early this morning at 4am and the air of Budapest was effortlessly still, quiet and alert. The extraordimary pre-dawn Light signaling an undisterbed, unhindered, Loving source and the limitless cosmic power of the comming day.I thought of you.
It is now about 4am in NY. Take a Deep Breath, Mary, and know you are that.
See you soon,

Adina :) said...

As always Mary , you will rise and shine.

You are in my prayers everyday.

And you will be well.

With sincere wishes for a strong and rapid recovery,

Adina :)

Jeff H said...

Dear Mary,

Spreading my arms wide to join this human web of love and support, I know your radiant, joyous spirit will prevail, and you'll grow beyond this experience with customary grace. You are continually in my thoughts and prayers. Now breathe, pause...

With love - Jeff

jean said...

Dear Mary -

We have only met a handful of times. My name is Jean and I am a long time student of Dean and Rebecca. I took your workshop with Dean at Feathered Pipe last year. I have always found you to be such an incredible spirit and I give thanks to you every day when counting my blessings (bet you didn't know that!). I wish you all the very best and I know that you will only be wiser and your yoga practice will be felt more profoundly having gone through this experience. My love to you.


jmyoga said...

Dear Mary,

We hold you in our hearts; we hope and pray for a complete and speedy recovery for you.


Janet and Paul
San Francisco

Julie L. said...

Sweet Mary: My wish for you is that all the light that you have given so generously in your life will return to you exponentially at this time. Michael joins me in sending you our love, smiles and prayers.

Love and hugs, Julie

Norm and Geff said...


Learned only yesterday of what is happening to you. You are in a wonderful place with great doctors, loving friends, and you are good stock. We know that you will do very well.


Norm and Geff

bonnie said...

Bonnie said...
Dear, Dear Mary,
We are so glad you have this blog so we all can follow your progress. Your positive, uplifting spirit, mental and physical strength, support and love of many friends the world over, will help pave the path for a successful recovery.
We love you and hold you in our thoughts daily.
Bonnie and Don Mike

Dale Simmerman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jan Turner said...

Hi Mary,
Nub and I are thinking of you and praying for you. Looking forward to seeing you real soon in Ann Arbor. Love, Jan and Nub

betsy said...

Been thinking about you all day, the first day of your recovery...We're sending you Mary-smiles across the miles....and love so-o-o-o-o BIG.

charlotte bell said...

Hi Mary~

Probably 20 years ago you taught a workshop in Salt Lake where you spoke about how practicing asana with ease helps us live the ups and downs of our lives with greater ease. Like so many of the things I learned for you, this has stuck with me. I am so grateful for the strength of your practice in your life, and in mine. You are in my metta meditations today.


marthagarvey said...

Dear Mary,
I'm so glad to have a way to hear about you! A natural blogger if ever there was one...

Bill said...

Dear Mary,
Thanks for including us in your healing journey.
I feel so lucky to know you.
Love, lovely love.

Bill M.

Suzanne Kanner said...

Dear Mary,
I'm so happy you created this blog, and that our worldwide yoga community, which you helped create, is passing it around. Since the very first classes I took from you in the early years in Berkeley, you have been an inspiration to me and continue to be now! My thoughts, prayers, and love are with you. Lots and lots of love, Suzanne Kanner, Corte Madera,CA

Bud Skiba said...

Hi Mary. Thank you for creating this blog so that we can keep in touch during your surgery and recovery. You have been an inspiration to me ever since I took my first workshop from you 12 years ago. Sending you much love and wishing you a speedy recovery. Bud Skiba

Valerie Read said...

Dear Mary,

You are in my prayers. Be well.

Love always,

Valerie Read

Jenny said...

Bright and Shining Mary, Love love and more love to you and Louise and Elizabeth. Blessings on you body that you have used so wisely and well as it continues to teach us of spirit showing through. Your fans, Weston and Jenny

Deborah said...

On the soft side I hear your voice saying "Inhale, inviting the precious guest into your home, exhale as if you are reluctantly saying goodbye to that guest." It's always such a nice way to breathe.

On the Texas side I say, "You go kick cancer's butt!"
much love
Debbie in Houston

Lauren Z said...

Hi Mary,
I wish you lots of love, light and strength to help you on your journey.

manda aufochs gillespie said...

Dearest Mary,

Thank you so much for starting this blog so as to share your process and recovery from those who admire you from far away. I am remembering all of the days at Feathered Pipe and the teaching and inspiration you shared there and I send back to you all the healing you've shared with me over the years. I will do asanas in your name.


manda (and new baby Zella Rose)

laura said...

Dear Mary, You don't know me but I feel as if I already know you. I study Iyengar yoga in Houston with George Purvis and George very frequently tells us what a marvelous teacher and person you are. So I'm sending healing thoughts your way and looking forward to taking some of your classes. Here's to a rapid recovery and speedy return to your mat(s). Love, Laura Isensee

Denise Johnson said...

Dear Mary,
Your blog reveals that you are strong and hopeful. The many who join this "web of prayers" will let you know how much you are loved and supported. I hope it is palpable.
Denise Johnson

Louise Rak said...

Mary Louise,
Nancy and I are visiting Louise and Joe in Vermont to celebrate Eli's graduation from University of Vermont. We are looking at your blog for the first time since I am computer illiterate (as you know).
We think of you often and appreciate this update. You are in our prayers. Nancy and Henry