Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I had a good conference with my surgeon yesterday. We talked about the various ways the surgery could go and the facts that they had much they could do and needed me and my immune system to do the job.

I am working on that.

Sloan has a real sense of my weight and vitals... After liquids yesterday, the weight is probably down a tad.

Anyway, I feel ready for this part and in great care.

And to all of you who are holding me in your hearts, keep me there!



Rebecca Kave said...

Dear Mary,
My mom and I hope you feel better. Get well soon!
May each day find you feeling more and more like your wonderful self!
Happy Healing

Rebecca Kave

carol carnes johnson said...

Dear Mary - You were the subject of my meditation this morning and will be in my thoughts all day today. It sounds like your surgeon is top notch so you are in good hands. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. I've had major surgery so know something about the recovery process. Do me this favor; please have someone in your hospital room that is family or friend at all times to act as your advocate. Bathe yourself in the Light, dear Mary. Namaste, Carol Carnes Johnson

Dmitri Shapira said...

My thoughts will be with you today as they have been for the last two weeks, arms stretched wi--------------------------de.
Thank you for doing this blog, ever the teacher!


leslie freyberg said...

Dear Dearest Mary,
How fortunate we all are that modern technology has enabled us to monitor your process and progress in this way!
You are indeed being held in my heart/my consciousness, during my Asana and Pranayama practice, while planting plants in the garden, and while conjugating verbs and decling nouns in Sanskrit (you are laughing with me as I do so). Tony and Charlotte join me in expressing our love and support for you. And joining the others in spreading our hands, fingers, fingernails, and paws out to the infinite (ananta) horizons to express our love.
Leslie Freyberg

lsk said...

You continue to inspire and teach me/us/all. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I thank you and I bless you.

M Harding said...

Dear Mary,
Thank you for being such a wonderful yoga teacher. Your command of language and your clear instructions have made all the difference to your Greenwich class. I am thinking of you and know that you are in the best possible hands at MSK. My husband was treated there last year and we have tremendous respect for the doctors and nurses. Your positive attitude is wonderful and will help them to do their job. With love and best wishes,
Peggy Harding

Jay said...

Aren't blogs the greatest? (when someone else sets them up!!)You are in my every breath. I see your smiling chest. Wellness to every cell as you go through surgery. my best and all love,
Jay Averell

Roger Eveleth said...

Dear Mary - Julia and I are thinking of you and hoping that your treatment process proceeds as smoothly and comfortably as possible.

We will both keep thinking of you in the days ahead, sending our love and good wishes to you and your family,
Roger Eveleth and Julia Keen

Dale Simmerman said...

Hi Mary! You don't sound afraid, but just in case some of that creeps in, here's another poem from Hafiz that seemed too perfect:

Fear is the cheapest room in the house.
I would like to see you living
In better conditions,

For your mother and my mother
Were friends.

I know the Innkeeper
In this part of the universe.
Get some rest tonight,
Come to my verse again tomorrow.
We'll go speak to the Firend together.

I should not make any promises right now,
But I know if you
Somewhere in this world--
Something good will happen....


Dana Olson said...

Dear Mary,
It was sooo good to hear your "voice" through your blog! What a great idea...thankyou!
We are sending good strong heeling energy your way!
Dana and Charlie

Dalia said...

Dear Mary,
This blog idea is so great. We all want to be updated. Tuesday is here and I hope that we will to hear how you are later today or tomorrow. I am leaving to Denver tomorrow but will check for updates in all my electronic devices.

Louise Epstein said...

Dearest Mary,

You are constantly in our thoughts and we are hoping for the best.


Louise and the whole Berkeley gang

Dalia said...

Dear Mary,
This blog idea is so great. We all want to be updated. Tuesday is here and I hope that we will to hear how you are later today or tomorrow. I am leaving to Denver tomorrow but I plan to check for updates in all my electronic devices.

roz said...

dear mary,

you were my first ever workshop in Yoga way back at hampshire college. thank you for the inspiration to keep travelling down this path of Yoga.

your smile and eloquence have lifted many of us and will continue to do so as we reach and change.

roz malcom